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Health care Professional training.

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1 Health care Professional training.
Heather Daly Nurse Consultant Diabetes Research and Education

2 Proposed model of diabetes care in LLR
Secondary and tertiary care setting Primary care (core) Primary care setting ‘The Necessary Nine’ 1. Screening 2. Prevention 3. Regular review/surveillance 4. Prescribing 5. Insulin 6. Patient education 7. Cardiovascular 8. Housebound/care homes 9. Outcomes/audit Primary care (enhanced) Complex care Specialist support for Primary care ‘The Super Six’ 1. Inpatient care 2. Insulin pumps 3. Renal 4. Foot 5.Children/adolescents 6. Pregnancy


4 Overall aim: To meet the diverse educational needs of the workforce involved in the delivery of care for people with diabetes in Leicester Flexible approach reflecting the different levels of knowledge and skills required to provide high quality care Reflect the changing approaches to diabetes management in relation to new therapies and national drivers Build on existing models of good practice

5 How is this happening? Leicester diabetes centre is working with City CCG to deliver this HCP education programme Now in second academic year Project team responsible for the organisation and delivery of training components Locality Diabetes Leads are pivotal in supporting this project Engagement at practice level’ clinical leads for diabetes work with Designated EDEN educators/mentors

6 What is available? Accredited, non accredited training and mentorship:
Mini modules for core diabetes care Competency assessment and support for delivering enhanced care A full programme of education is available to support the above. Please see our Mini Module and Study Day flyers University of Leicester accredited higher awards and CPD modules Mentorship visits at practice level to support implementation of learning Practice based Case Review and Management sessions Self management initiatives to support behaviour change Competency based health care assistant training programme Cultural diversity in diabetes management Regular updates on new therapies Residential and nursing home staff training days. Community nurse training



9 Menu of options based on identified practice needs
Post graduate certificate Regular updates Case reviews Msc Diabetes Case reviews & management Journal club Regular updates Behaviour change training Mini modules Mentorship Healthcare Assistant training Patient education Mini modules CPD accredited training Insulin training Nursing home Community Nurse support Mentorship

10 Benefits for the practice
Access to flexible high standard diabetes knowledge and skills training Higher awards accredited training to support enhanced care e.g.. PG certificate, PG diploma and MSc Improved outcomes for patients Effective prescribing Mentorship and Coaching Increased confidence in diabetes management and use of new therapies and insulin Meet national and local targets Statistical evidence to demonstrate results in diabetes care at practice level


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