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CRS Chapter & Member Support Programs May 2013 Leaders Update.

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1 CRS Chapter & Member Support Programs May 2013 Leaders Update

2 Drivers of Our Partnership Passion for excellence Passion for increasing our businesses Passion for education – ourselves & our clients The best in our fields Value relationships Started in OR in 2009 – grass roots

3 The Past Four Years Education sessions Newsletter content Specialized home and house information

4 The Past Four Years Speakers & Event ManpowerSponsorships to many chapters

5 Supports Programs for CRS Chapters & Members 1.Live Education Events for Members 2.Consumer Webinars for Your Clients 3.Content for Chapter Newsletter 4.Content for Members Newsletters 5.Living With My Home Membership 6.Chapter Sponsorship & Manpower

6 Shared Passions, Values & Outlook We can genuinely help each other to grow and prosper and help our clients have a great home buying or selling experience

7 Pillar To Post Home Inspectors Inspected over $26 Billion worth of residential real estate transactions in 2012 Completed nearly 2 million home inspections since inception

8 Pillar To Post Home Inspectors Largest Home Inspection company in North America 400 offices in 46 states & 8 provinces All locally owned & operated by dedicated Pillar To Post franchise partners Ranked #1 Home Inspection company in Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchises 2013 Opening 75 new offices in 2013

9 Pillar To Post Differences People, people, people Education, education, education Computerized inspection & reporting –Reports with photos, printed & presented onsite – saves everyone time Customer service –Non-alarmist, objective information to close the deal, education – happiness in the home – Net Promoter Score $1 million Professional Liability E & O insurance –protects you, your broker & your client

10 Pillar To Post is part of large home services company - includes We know a lot about houses and homes We bring the power, expertise & resources of these companies to service for CRS

11 Committed to supporting CRS If we are not in your city, we want to be Will open 75 offices this year Great opportunity if you know of someone looking for a great business opportunity

12 CRS & PTP- so far in 2013: Active in 20+ chapters Participated in over 20 events Met with over 600 members 26 editions of chapter newsletters 24 editions of member newsletters

13 Pillar To Post pushing forward New logo, new look & feel – new era of opportunity. New home inspection packages for you and your client - choose to suits their needs. 2014 will mark our 20 th year in business

14 Summary: We value our partnership with CRS We want to help you grow We all win when our local franchisees meet with you locally We wish you an awesome 2013

15 Questions & Resources Email:

16 Heres a quick video on our 3 new home inspection packages…

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