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Welcome ERA Bulgaria ERA Europe ERA Turkey Business Academy for Brokers in Bulgaria Presentation: Piet van Alten the Netherlands.

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1 Welcome ERA Bulgaria ERA Europe ERA Turkey Business Academy for Brokers in Bulgaria Presentation: Piet van Alten the Netherlands

2 I will introduce myself  I start my job as real estate broker / expert after my study in 1980  I bought my ERA license and made a ERA office’s in 1993  I was ERA broker in the Netherlands between 1994 and 2007  We had 2 ERA broker office’s, 3 morgate shops and insurance office that time.  I took many training and expertice of my trade- group : NVM & ERA  I’ve finishend my study for commercial real estate expert in 2000 and still do this job in Turkey and Europe.  In 2007 I sold my offices and started ERA in Turkey  In 2010 began coorperate with ERA Bulgaria and established Business Academy for Brokers in Bulgaria too.

3 My experience with franchise broker systems  Proffesional: -out radiate of my office and my office staff - up to date office documents -marketing action’s and materials. -office computer programs  In a short time I have national and international broker network.  We make my office and business plans with assistance and attendance of franchise business consult.  We exchange our ideas to make marketing plans and upon completion check the results"

4 We changed the name of our office !  ( owner name ……) Real Estate Broker too  ERA Real Estate Broker ( owner name……) Use all things of the brand with your name !! Its important and give profit


6 What was my profit with franchise  My office ray out to world wide broker network organization  Sellers and Buyers feel trust in a good brand.  Costumers feel to have business with big office network.  Sellers and buyers easier will pay good commission  I sold my office with the brand not my own name !!  Better price and easy to sell ERA office inthe future!!!

7 The Franchising Expo Sofia organisation ask me :  You run ERA broker franchise in the Netherlands and in Turkey. What are the differences between them ?  Why did you choose to buy ERA master franchise ?  How do you see the future of real estate business through its franchise form ?  What do you think about the development of ERA franchise in Bulgaria ?  What does the ERA franchise need to be more successfull in the competion with the other real estate franchise companies ?

8 The Netherlands Turkey  Professional training programme  The best trade-group  High standard and progress education  Wide market data available  Professional appearance  Joint collaboration  Different broker services  Fees relative to price qualities  Low training programme  Simplified trade-groups  Insufficient education  No or incomplete market data  Moderate office appearance  Keen competition  limited brokers services  Too high commissions

9 Compare franchise culture in both contries.  Franchise real estate broker systems :  -in both countries franchise is popular  -the best service for residentional sales  - don’t work for industrial or retail sales.

10 Types of Franchise Relationships  Brand  Business Format  Conversion

11  All assignment types to increase  6,000 people moving worldwide A few top 500 worldwide companies that are moving executives from one corner of the world to the other

12 International Broker Franchise Groups

13 Why franchise = success ?  Collective marketing.  Professional company image.  Brokers and Management education and training.  Office staff training.  Accompany your business plan.  Europe's convention for franchise members.  Office and IT data management systems.  International Referral / Approaching system

14 Why you choose to buy ERA franchise  International brand  Soft franchise  Family feeling ERA TEAM  Largest of broker franchise in Europe  Much autonomy for the office owner- broker  World wide “know how” and network  High education and training programme  Very professional IT and data programme

15 Great ! you choose for ERA Bulgaria !!!  As a franchisee you have own the assets of your company. but you have to choose investment in a world wide brand with operating network and ongoing support.  As an owner of your company assets you are lincensed to operate to run the business with the largest world wide franchise system

16 Four headlines 1.Lowest Risk 2.Life and Work are Easier 3.Competitive Advantage 4.Increased Profitability 5.Immediate market share

17 What is Franchising? BRAND SYSTEMSSUPPORT MARKET SHARE Bring Customers to the Door Customers return again and again – tell friends Develop Brand and Systems

18 What is Franchising? BRAND SYSTEMSSUPPORT MARKET SHARE ERA brand Logo and Image Library Brand Standards Guide International and Regional Websites Broker Website Template Sales Agent Website Template Brochures -Farming and Prospecting -Property Marketing -Buyer Marketing Print Ad Templates Public Relations/Press Releases Training and Education -Management Orientation -Sales Agent Acceleration *Listing Presentation *ERA Seller Security Plan -Broker /Office Manager * New Broker Implementation *Staff Management *Planning for Profit -Ongoing/Specialized Training *Top Gun Agent Recruiting Programs -Recruiting Presentations and Tools Awards and Recognition Field Consultation -Proper use of Brand and Systems Technology Referral Process/ Supervision Ancillary/Specialized Businesses - Approved Supplier Program Grand Opening and Start-up Sales Rallies/Events

19 The franchise member pays an initial fee and royalty to use the ERA name and systems. What pay the franchise member?

20 BRAND Getting customers to the door Keeping customers who tell their friends Develop and maintain Brand and Systems SYSTEMS More opportunities for the Office Owner to do business More Listings and Sales Elements Of Franchising Less work for the Office Owner BRAND SYSTEMS SUPPORT

21 About the development ERA BG !  ERA BG will grow in next five years to the largest broker franchise organisation in Bulgaria  ERA BG have to train brokers and agents.  Its very professional that ERA BG cooperates with the BAB Business Academy for Real Estate Brokers in Varna – Sofia –Ruse

22 Thank you for you intrest ERA Bulgaria ERA Europe ERA Turkey BAB Business Academy for Brokers Bulgaria

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