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Canadian Delegate Marie Kenny. UN Commission on the Status of Women A global policy-making body A functional commission of the United Nations Economic.

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1 Canadian Delegate Marie Kenny

2 UN Commission on the Status of Women A global policy-making body A functional commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of gender equality and the advancement of women.

3 FWIC – Our role Provinces – Provincial Boards National FWIC Communities – Local WI Branches Global ACWW

4 Canadian Delegation to the UN Commission on the Status of Women 56th Session Feb 27 to March 9 It was a tremendous honour to represent this organization and our Country at the UN One of only 4 women chosen from across the nation Thousands of delegates from around the globe




8 2012 Themes Priority Theme: The empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges Review Theme: Financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women Emerging Issue: Engaging young women and men, girls and boys, to advance gender equality

9 Theme - Empowerment of Rural Women Rural women constitute one-fourth of the world’s population. Yet rural women’s rights, contributions and priorities have been largely overlooked. Unleashing the potential of rural women will make a major contribution to ending poverty and hunger, and to accelerating the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and the realization of sustainable development. RURAL WOMEN

10 Rural Women Video

11 UN’s Millennium Development Goals 1.Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. 2.Achieve universal primary education. 3.Promote gender equality and empower women. 4.Reduce child mortality. 5.Improve maternal health. 6.Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria & other diseases. 7.Ensure environment sustainability. 8.Develop a Global Partnership for development.

12 My Role as a delegate Round table with Canada’s Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, and presenting to her and her staff on the FWIC’s main areas of contribution Marie and Minister Ambrose

13 My Role as a delegate Participant in UN Sessions, Round Tables, Panel Discussions, Plenary meetings, and informal meetings Take part in: – Open Assembly – International Women’s day – “Join us at the Bridge Walk” It was an opportunity for Networking, Learning and Sharing

14 We did a lot of work…but also found time to have a little fun!

15 The CSW56 session formally closed on March 15 No outcome document was reached However: – We made good progress…. – Our voices were heard… and – Key leaders from round the world will continue to work together, knowing that: “Rural women’s economic empowerment is key. If rural women had equal access to productive resources, agricultural yields would rise and there would be 100 million to 150 million fewer hungry people.” My Role as a delegate

16 International Women’s Day UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet “Today on International Women’s Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to women’s rights and move forward with courage and determination. Let us defend human rights, the inherent dignity and worth of the human person, and the equal rights of men and women.” ated

17 International Women’s Day “Join Us on the Bridge”

18 Marie at Join us at the Bridge

19 Hundreds joined the walk in solidarity

20 We weren’t the only ones on the Bridge that day

21 International Women’s Day FWIC was recognized on the assembly floor. I took the opportunity to inter vein and ask a question: “…how can we engage elderly rural women to hear their voice, where in remote rural communities there is lack of infrastructure to tech knowledge and lack of education to use this tech knowledge where available. This is a double disadvantage for elderly rural women, They too are agents of change whose voice needs to be heard. How can we engage their voice. Thank you”

22 The Chief Executive Office answered the question, and in the summary speakers closing remarks she also made reference to the excellent question on Elderly Rural Women.

23 Exciting new initiative Canada has led the international community in adopting this day. This day will make a difference in the lives of girls and young women as citizens and as powerful voices of change in their families, their communities and their nations.

24 Equal opportunity for girls. There is a growing recognition around the world that support for girls and their basic human rights is key for healthy communities. Improving girls' lives has a ripple effect. What is good for them is good for all of us. This international day will promote equal treatment and opportunities for girls around the world in areas such as law, nutrition, health care, education, training, and freedom from violence and abuse. WHY?

25 Final Thoughts…

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