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Sporting Organisations in the UK Funding Mass Participation – Sporting Excellence Yr 12 AS Sport Studies.

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1 Sporting Organisations in the UK Funding Mass Participation – Sporting Excellence
Yr 12 AS Sport Studies

2 UK Sport UK Sport develops elite sport in the UK, funded by DCMS
received over £53million from the government. Manages & distributes National Lottery funding through the: - World Class Pathway - Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) Manages the UK’s international sporting relationships Works closely with home country sports councils Responsible for the strategic direction of the National Institutes of Sport (UKSI)

3 World Class Pathway Introduced in 2006 – 3 different levels of support for elite Olympic & Paralympics performers. 1. World Class Podium – likely medal at next Olympics (2012). Depends on: results at last Olympics competitive record probable medal capability 2. World Class Development – likely medal at next but one Olympics(2016). 3. World Class Talent – likely medal in next 8 years (2020).

4 Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
TASS is for Athletes who want to combine sport & education. Government funded, managed by UK Sport Athletes nominated by NGB’s or Universities Scholarships worth up to £3000 For young people up to 24 years old who are studying at least 50% of a full time, higher level course TASS Bursaries for yr olds also worth up to £3000 TASS 2012 Scholarships……

5 National Institutes of Sport
“Prepares elite athletes for the world stage” (SIS, Scottish Institute of Sport) Grant funded from lottery via UK Sport High quality practical support & facilities EIS has around 2000 competitors in the system What do elite performers gain from being part of an institute??

6 Home Country Organisations
Government funded organisations responsible for community sport & mass participation. “The council want more people, more active, more often” (Sports Council Wales) Sport England – ensuring young people stay in sport after school. Promotes volunteering, coaching, leadership & officiating as well as performing Works closely with NGB’s, coaches, clubs to increase participation. Tackle discrimination, support disadvantaged communities, develops school/club links

7 NGB’s – Whole Sport Plans (WSPs)
Examiners are interested in NGB initiatives!!!! WSPs – impact on mass participation & sporting excellence - map out NGB’s vision and get people to start, stay & succeed in their sport. Plans must include strategies: to increase numbers of participants, clubs, qualified coaches & active volunteers from grass roots to elite level to increase national success for the effective running of their organisations

8 Funding of Sport Public Sector – funding from the Government & Local Authorities, National Lottery Private Sector – funding from businesses, companies, investors. One aim – to make money!!! Voluntary Sector – funding from donations or charities, local clubs that exist for their members.

9 National Lottery Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is the Government department responsible for sport – decides/organises how lottery grants are distributed. Every £1 spent on a lottery ticket 28p goes towards ‘Good Causes’ such as sport. Lottery Sports Fund provides grants of £200 million annually. UK Sport and 4 home countries distribute funds for mass participation & sporting excellence. Sales of tickets have declined which is reflected in the grants given in sport: Sports Scotland: £32 million £18 million

10 Homework Government Initiatives
Research and report in detail on the structure, purpose and aims of each initiative: PESSCL Strategy School Sport Partnerships (SSPs) Handed in next lesson!!!

11 Lesson II In small groups: Share findings on PESSCLS & SSPs
What are the aims? Structure? Purpose? Recap…… World Class Pathway TASS National Lottery – DCMS

12 Positives & Negatives of Funding in Sport ??

13 Sports Development Pyramid (Performance Pyramid)

14 The continuum……… Mass Participation Sporting Excellence Opportunity
Provision Esteem

15 Social & Cultural Factors
What factors impact on each of the user groups??? Possible measures to increase participation & sporting excellence???

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