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Getting Ready for 8th Grade Registration 2014-2015.

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1 Getting Ready for 8th Grade Registration 2014-2015

2 What do I need to do? Well, if you don’t want to look like Daffy Duck, you will need to pay attention to the following directions.

3 Complete the top required information with your student number and name, date, and your parent/guardian’s name and phone numbers. Last middle school attended has been completed for you.

4 Required classes for 8th grade are: Language Arts Science U. S. History Pre-Algebra or another appropriate math

5 Electives One semester of P.E. is required. You have the choice of three other semester electives or one semester elective and one year long elective.

6 Year Electives are: 1. Chorus 2. 8th Grade Band* 3. Spanish 1 (Part 2)* — Students must have taken Part 1 in 7th grade for consideration in this class. *Placement to be determined

7 Semester Electives are: 1. Art5. Finance 2. Theater 6. Culinary 3. Intro to Careers Guitar 7. Technology 4. Business 8. Robotics Computers

8 Once I have made my choices, what do I do now?

9 You are ready to Soar to Success by signing your schedule card and having your parent or guardian sign in the designated places with the date you signed.

10 What next? Now your schedule card is ready to return to your Civics teacher by Thursday, March 13.

11 And there you have it. You have completed the first part of your registration for 8th grade.

12 So, now you are one smart Tweety, ready to complete your on-line registration after we return from Spring Break. See you again then.

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