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 No Block Schedule  GPA  Credit Requirements Minimum of 9 credits to go to LHS – any failed classes will require summer school the following summer.

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2  No Block Schedule  GPA  Credit Requirements Minimum of 9 credits to go to LHS – any failed classes will require summer school the following summer  Early Completer online classes Graduation Requirements Class of 2012 and beyond 8 credits English 1 credit Reading 1 credit Speech 6 credits Math (Algebra 1, Geometry & Senior Math) 6 credits Science 2 credits US History 1 credit US History 10 1 credit World History 1 credit Economics 1 credit Social Science 2 credits US Government 3 credits Physical Education 1 credit Health 2 credits Humanities 2 credits Professional Technical 1 credit Technology 15 credits Electives SAT Senior Project 54 credits total

3 Assistance from teacher *Scheduled with teacher Learning Lunch Friday Circle Access * On Wednesdays from 12:00 – 12:30 Powerschool Progress Reports *Every two weeks Powerschool Parent Portal Library *During lunch and after school until 3:30

4 PeriodTime 18:20 – 9:15 29:19 – 10:09 310:13 – 11:03 411:07 – 11:57 Access12:00 -12:30 Lunch12:30 – 1:05 51:09 – 1:59 62:03 – 2:56 *Teachers will have students assigned to their access time (similar to advisory). *Students will be allowed to go to work with another teacher if their assignment notebook is stamped/ signed by that teacher *Students are expected to work on assignments or read. Access Time 9 th Grade :

5  Opportunities  Football  Cross Country-LHS  Volleyball  Soccer-LHS  Basketball  Wrestling-LHS  Cheerleading  Spring sports are all through LHS—track, softball, baseball, tennis, golf  Eligibility  Must have passed 5 fourth quarter 8 th grade classes  Must pass 5 first quarter classes for second quarter activities  After first quarter all eligibility is based on semester grades  Academic Assistance Program  Students must earn a 70% or higher in every class  Physical Exam---must renew after May

6 Absences After the 12 th absence, students may be required to make an appeal to the attendance committee. Parents will be notified in writing when student has reached 6, 10, and 12 absences in one or more classes.

7  Students will be receiving blue registration forms during their IU class  Parent Portal will be open through March 13th  Week of March 16 th – On-line registration in our computer lab  August 18 th - 9 th grade registration

8  Lewiston School District graduation requirements permit students to receive credit and a “P” grade if they meet the following performance criteria in the 8 th grade 9.5 grade level equivalency on the Nelson Denny 63 independent reading level on DRP A third indicator may be used

9  Geometry or Algebra 1  Students will be placed in Geometry if currently in Advanced Math and maintaining 80% or higher  All other students will be placed in Algebra 1

10 NOTE: Students not meeting proficiency in Core Areas may be placed in courses to work on these proficiencies according to district policy. Elective choices may be dropped to facilitate this placement. Core  English (2 credits)  Math – (2 Credits) Choose one  Geometry (must be currently enrolled in Advanced Math and earning a ‘B’ average at semester)  Algebra 1  Earth Science (2 credits)  PE (1 Credit)  Exploring Technology (1 credit)  Reading (1 credit) (Students are required to complete a semester of Reading unless they test out) Indicate with numbers 1 - 3 your top three preferences among the following elective classes. You will be scheduled for both semesters based on your preferences. Place an X by two classes as your alternate choices. Alternate choices are as binding as your ranked choices. ______Art Survey/Appreciation - (1 credit) ______Foods/Nutrition - (1 credit) ______Economics - (1 credit) ______Physical Fitness - (1 credit) ______Teacher Aide - (1 credit) (Includes Peer Tutor, Office & Library Aides) ______Guitar - (1 credit) ______Speech – (1 credit) ______Spanish * (2 Credits) * “C” or better in English recommended ______Band (2 Credits) ______Chorus (2 credits) ______Jazz Band (2 Credits)- Zero hour before school - (Audition required) Jenifer Junior High School 2015-2016 Freshman Registration Form Name ______________________________________________ Phone # INSTRUCTIONS: SELECT 3 elective credits and 2 alternate credits. Upon completion you should have 14 total credits. Must be signed by parent and/or guardian. Elective course descriptions are listed on the back side of this sheet or you can view them on our school website: Log on to PowerSchool and click on the Class Registration Icon and follow the instructions. Print the “ Future Course Requests ” page from PowerSchool and attach it to the “ Registration Form ”, which is this form, then give them to your I.U. teacher. *Important!!* I have reviewed these course choices. I have read the course description for these courses. I understand that the indicated selections constitute next year ’ s course and alternate course choices. As a parent, I have reviewed the courses my student has selected and approve their course selections. Student SignatureParent Signature Office Use Only Date Received


12 Click the pencil to the right to select courses. Red exclamation means an entry is required. Click on the submit button on the bottom once you have entered your classes.

13 This screen should appear. Please make sure this screen corresponds with your student’s blue registration form.

14 Thank you for coming!

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