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Personal Fundraising IUGMB Trip Meeting- November 2011.

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1 Personal Fundraising IUGMB Trip Meeting- November 2011

2 What will be covered in this meeting?  Orientation to  Personal Fundraising  Payment deadlines and  Ideas  Letter Writing Week  Fundraising Participation Requirements  Opportunity to ask Questions  Chance to meet trip participants!

3 Introduce Yourself!  Get to know your leaders  Get to know your neighbor

4 Create a Personal Timeline  When do you plan to raise each installment by?  How am I going to pay for each installment?  What are my personal fundraising goals?

5 Installation Due Dates  $100 to IUGMB for Medications Fee  You will receive a free t-shirt along with this payment!  Payment #1: December 17 th, $250 (deposit, secures place on trip)  Payment #2: January 9 th, $400  Medications Payment : January 16 th, $100  DO NOT DEPOSIT THIS INTO YOUR EMPOWERED ACCOUNT! IUGMB payment  Payment #3: Feb. 6 th, $350  Final Payment: Feb. 23 rd, amount TBD (depends on price of plane tickets)

6 Where do I make my payment?  Instructions for registering on IUGMB website   IUGMB Group Website  -F774-4ED4-ACD1-4281638D6876 -F774-4ED4-ACD1-4281638D6876  Create a Volunteer Profile (like Facebook!)  Join the Brigade (Ryan will accept you as a member of the group before you are able to donate)  DEADLINE to set up your empowered account : December 5th

7 Great Ideas!  Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Parents, etc.  Substitute your holiday Wish list with requests for donations into your IUGMB account  Work for it!  Babysit, rake your neighbors yard, complete a project, volunteer  DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MORE! You never know, Mrs. Smith might pay you more for watching the kids than she normally would because you are going to Honduras with the profit!

8  Start your own fundraiser  IUGMB is all over Bloomington, but you can be the star of your hometown  Create a smaller group to fundraise within IUGMB  Get Creative!

9  Apply for IU grants and scholarships  Office of overseas studies  Hutton Honors College (not just for honors students!)  Search the web

10 How can others give to me?  Send the link to your personal profile  Preferred way of handling donations  All donors will be sent a confirmation email and receipt they can use for their tax deductions  Write a Check (not preferred)  More complicated of a process, but a receipt can still be issued for tax purposes  Discuss with Becca (treasurer)  Notify donors that a receipt will take longer to receive with this method of payment  If donor does not care about a donation receipt, they can always write you a check personally and then you can transfer money into your Empowered account

11 Help the Group Raise Funds  Ask for sponsorships from local businesses or groups  Target companies with the “great return on your investment” speech  Draft letter for large donations on  Use the medications pack  Allows donors making a large contributions to feel they have donated 1, 2 or 3 packs to the group

12 Fundraising Participation Requirements  Must Participate in 5 events before the trip  What counts as an event?  Dine and Donate  Shop for a Cause  Canning (only 8 people per shift allowed)  HPDP preparation  Packing day  Getting donations from businesses  DON’T PROCRASTINATE!  If you would like something else approved for your participation hours, just ask

13 Letter Writing Week- Jordan  November 28 th -November 5 th  ALL trip participants are required to write 5 letters  Can include personal requests for funding, but must include at least 1-2 letters to a doctors office or business asking for participation  Bring letters, ready to mail (with stamps and envelopes) to the mass meeting on December 5th

14 Other Requirements  Attend all mass meetings  Email leadership team to get an “excused absence”  Check the site regularly for updates  Communicate with leadership team if you are having trouble fundraising or with other questions  We are here to help you!

15 What resources are available?   Letter templates, flyers, facts and figures  USE LAST YEAR’S STATISTICS!  Make your own “business card”  Have your email address,, donation website  Talk to last year’s group to get an idea of what they did to raise their personal fees

16 Questions????  Contact information for leaders on

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