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August 15, 2014 Tanya Rae-Schulze – Activities Director Petra Rodzewicz – Treasurer Kathy Guerra – A.P.

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1 August 15, 2014 Tanya Rae-Schulze – Activities Director Petra Rodzewicz – Treasurer Kathy Guerra – A.P.

2 You will receive the links via email. All of the forms and examples are in the handbook!


4 Morning and afternoon announcements must be sent to: Morning announcements must be in by 8:00 am. Afternoon announcements must be in by 1:50 pm. Every activity must get approval on an Activities Application which is in the activities office and the website. (ex. Uniform fittings, sales, meetings, guest speakers) Activity, club and athletic calendars will be sent out monthly. Information must be sent in to the activities office by the 20 th of the month before to be included.

5 Activities Application

6 Every student participating in clubs, sports or classes that compete or put on performances must fill out the Contract for Student Participation in Interscholastic Competitions and Performances form found in their student agenda. Activities/Athletics is in charge of issuing warnings and filing appeals. An extra-curricular attendance report will be available on request. It can be emailed or printed out.


8 Field Trip Checklist


10 Process…apply thru the parent, student or community portal. Volunteer number will be the Parent/Community portal number Every year the volunteers are booted out of the system. They must choose the school again and be approved at the school site. Instructions are available in the Activities and Clubs Handbook.

11 We have some club sponsor opportunities available. Please fill out the club sponsor form if interested.

12 If you are new to the building or need a replacement parking decal please pick up and fill out a parking form before you leave this session. Pass by the activities office to turn in form and receive your decal.


14 Forms are available on the Ferguson website. Best source of information would be the Academy Lead Teachers. As I get community service opportunities, I send them to the clubs via email. The bulk of Community Service Hours are due October 23 but we will still will collect them until winter recess


16 Submit either of the following forms to Mrs. Rae-Schulze Prior to the fundraiser for initial approval. Application For Fundraising Activity Form (for non-community sales activities – 3 pg. carbon copy) Region Office Approval For Fundraising Activity Form (for community sales) – Allow two weeks for Region office approval (form must be typed). Please refer to the handout from Petra. If there are any problems, questions or concerns, the form will be returned to you.


18 Please check the form for spelling before you turn it in. Please remember to add the times, too.

19 All money collected must be turned into the treasurer DAILY by 3:30 P.M. When turning in money a Recap of collection is to be used. The following information must be included: -Date -Name of the Class or Club depositing the funds -Your account numbers –Use the guide attached to the available funds paper you were given. -The quantity, price and item sold -The total of funds depositing -sign it

20 If you are purchasing an item for the school, classroom supply or fundraiser and the total is over $100, a Purchase Order (PO) must be completed prior to purchasing. You must fill out a check request and attach the invoice to pay vendor. Sign the original invoice. All checks will be mailed to the vendor unless “ DO NOT MAIL” is written on the top of the check request. Please refer to the handout on purchasing

21 Do not leave money unattended on the treasurer’s desk or in the mail slot outside of her door. Large amounts of coins are to be rolled and ready for deposit. Do not hold money after it has been collected. It should be deposited or placed in the vault the same day! Deposit money in the same form as collected. If personal checks are allowed they must have student’s name, activity name (ex. dance), phone number and id number on check. An approved adult or the sponsor must be present at all sales, no exceptions.

22 Items for fundraisers must pay sales tax. Purchase orders are required for all purchases (field trip items, buses, etc.) Never use money collected to reimburse yourself, parents, students, or businesses. A teacher’s receipt must be given for items sold for $15.00 or more. (White copy – student, yellow copy – treasurer, and green copy stays in book.) If you have a voided receipt all three copies need to stay in the book. Tickets are required for all activities where a service is offered instead of merchandise.

23 Operating reports need to be done at the end of each fundraising event, board policy says 10 days after the fundraiser has ended. Remember the principal reserves the right to take 15% of proceeds if paperwork is not completed in a timely manner. Any items given away for free, must be shown on a Complimentary Items form. A distribution sheet is kept whenever items are distributed to students for sale. This sheet must be signed by the student detailing the number he/she takes to sell and the monies collected for the item.

24 Please use the fees that you collect. If not the region will reduce the fees you are able to collect. All fees must be entered into STOP before Holiday Recess. STOP Financial System http// username: student id number password: DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)

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