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Link Building Rudy Dallal Based on a Bruce Clay Incs post:

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1 Link Building Rudy Dallal Based on a Bruce Clay Incs post:

2 Factors QuantityQuality Anchor text RelevancePageRank

3 Quantity Just super-directories (Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ) DMOZ listing has recently removed from the Google Webmaster Guidelines saying it is still a factor but may lose weight in the future Deep Linking is Better Domain is included Helps hidden pages/layers to get some juice A chance to include keywords in domain

4 Quality The authority of your site is determined by the relationship between inbound links and outbound links Quality flows from one site to another Gov, RP7, good neighborhood Blogs, blogs, blogs

5 Anchor Text The most powerful type of link Use the pages keywords - do not repeat ! Remember: 2 links types Search engine and users Only users (nofollow) nofollow- still important to get them (wiki sites) Nofollow doesnt transfer when copying a link! Nofollow still generates user traffic (wiki again???)

6 Relevancy The links and the text around them, inbound and outbound, are the main factor for SE to decide your relevancy to your neighborhood and your level of authority Get relevant links by being an authority Nofollow (v.) every outbound link that has lower PR or is irrelevant

7 PageRank Less powerful as it used to be Improve keyword ranking by solely balancing the max PR throughout the site Use nofollow within your site when needed If you must maintain a Links or Sponsored Links category, nofollow it in the navigation itself If there are external links to that page – isolate the navigation from it by nofollwing ALL the links from that section to the rest of your site

8 Tips Build links and traffic slowly so you will not be flagged Be careful using link baits – a spike can harm you Screen partners (use tools in next slide) AVOID creating Links pages, boxes or section. You will waste content download by SE. Instead create a content page, article-like, for each sponsor and how your site relates to them

9 Cont Tips Be consistent in using or One is not better than the other but you have to pick. (make sure you dont have 2 different sites ;) ) Dont use SEO tool bars for link checking (FF), Google will flag you…

10 Tools Xenu's Link Sleuth (Win freeware) Xenu's Link Sleuth (Win freeware) checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. Link Harvester Link Harvester gives you the number of unique linking domains, the number of unique Class C Block, the number links and how many are linking to the home page versus deep in the site. Use the tool on competitors sites. Hub Finder Hub Finder compares the backlinks of two or more sites and points out their co-occurring back links.

11 Cont Tools Search Status Tool (FF) Search Status Tool (FF) turns all links using nofollow pink. It cuts your time down so you don't have to go to the code source to find out if the page nofollows links. The Bad Neighborhood Tool The Bad Neighborhood Tool will give you an idea of links coming from risky neighborhoods. Google Alerts Google Alerts Google will let you know anytime one of your articles has been used and you can go there to see if they've linked to your site, or any competitive alert. The Utility Linking Tool The Utility Linking Tool will pull up directories and forums that you can submit your URL to based on your keyword.

12 Questions? Credits and further reading: _building_f.html _building_f.html

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