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What is SEO ? Search engine optimisation Way to optimise your web-site to increase your page rank in SE.

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2 What is SEO ? Search engine optimisation Way to optimise your web-site to increase your page rank in SE

3 Page rank Rank 1 Rank 2 …

4 You shouldn’t care about SEO if you are: Google Microsoft Apple Wikipedia Facebook World of Warcraft

5 You should care about SEO if: You’re not one of previous web-site Your not facing one of the previous web-site. You want more people to visit your site. Your business depends on the number of visitors

6 What search engine should you care about ?

7 How do a search engine see your site ? Is your web-page this one ? Google sees this one

8 Different methods “White hat SEO”: make the site better ranked without attempting to manipulate the search engine “Black hat SEO”: fool the search engine into ranking your site better.

9 White hat SEO Long term project. Might not allow you to become top ranked. Totally safe.

10 Black hat SEO Faster and more efficient. Perfectly legal. When the search engine will discover this, you will get unranked.

11 Use some tools: Useful Firefox Pluggins to check stats: SeoQuake Live HTTP Headers Google Toolbar

12 Use some tools: SeoQuake



15 Main points 1. Choose your keywords 2. Be sure to be readable 3. Search engine love 4. Blended search 5. Writing Great Copy 6. Building links 7. Analyzing results

16 Choose your keywords What keyword do you want for your website ? What keyword would use a customer looking for your website ?

17 Choose your keywords Use the right tools: (monthly fees) nal nal (Advert keywords, may not be relevant for web sites)

18 Seize new trends Use the latest trends to get relevance: trends (USA trends only)

19 Test and monitor Test your keywords thanks to PPC marketing Keep a track of your keywords

20 Seize new trends See the trends in a specific place at a specific date:

21 Use your brain Websites and software can’t be exhaustive coming to language. Find keywords your competitors do not use Check the ones your competitors use

22 Be sure to be readable Don’t tell search engine not to search: Robot.txt file containing Disallow: /

23 Be sure to be readable Avoid registration form Avoid login form SE can’t fill them ! Provide a way to each of your pages

24 Be sure to be readable Avoid JavaScript Avoid Flash even more Be sure to use a single links for each page:

25 Search engine love Still no Flash and no registration! The most relevant information the nearest from the index: Deep linking Hub pages and clusters:

26 Search engine love Don't move your content, or old links from SE will become useless -> "False" archives Keywords in URL

27 Search engine love Semantics: code a great html, using the best tags (h1, title...) -> respect the rules of the W3C !

28 Search engine love TrustRank: trust is measured by SE. To improve it, be a old trustworthy site and do NOT link to untrustworthy sites

29 Blended search Universal search = Blended search -> Search not only for websites on general search, but also for products, news, images... Submit product feeds to the principal search engine Almost professional press release to appear in the news

30 Blended search Image: Powerful tool, but hard to use. Use original, high-quality one, with a keyword-rich name and the content around optimised for the image subject Video: same things ! -> you can also try posting it on Youtube instead of your own site Optimize on local search -> Get (positive) reviews from your customers on Google Local, have a very good contact page

31 Blended search: local search

32 Blended search: images

33 Blended search: videos

34 Blended search: products

35 Writing Great Copy Text is everything for search engine (and for your visitors) Avoid to overuse the most common words on the internet (a, in, about...) Keep it simple

36 Writing Great Copy Use the right density of keywords, even if hard Getting to the point directly from the beginning Easy quick-read presentation Title tag & the "description meta tag »

37 Writing Great Copy: tag title

38 Building links: Link Votes Each website can "vote" for other websites A link is considered as a vote Conditions the link has to be direct easy to see in the browser status bar

39 Building links: nofollow links SE will ignore the link SeoQuake can find them

40 Building links: Getting links Because they link to interesting content Because they are easy to follow (blogs) Get partnerships ! Use widgets Include keywords in your links Be original !

41 Building links: Avoiding troubles Don't sell or buy links ! Don't exchange either ! Don't join a link network

42 Building links: Baiting Be original and funny Be controversial, TROLL ! Create buzz Use pictures and videos you host

43 Building links: Research competitors links Yahoo! Site Explorer Blog search Google news search

44 Analyzing results: Use a tracking worksheet See the progression on a month basis Note traffic, keywords, links, etc. Remember that the progression will be slow

45 Analyzing results: Copying Use www.Copyscape.Com Contacting copying webmasters is usually enough

46 Analyzing results: Decreasing rankings If you used black-hat methods, too bad ! we warned you ! If not, maybe it's temporary You can still check your links Don't change your strategy suddently !

47 Analyzing results: Use a professional ! It will take a long time... It will cost a lot of money... But he will do whatever he can to increase your ranking !

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