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Data Destruction for the 21 st Century 1/3/20141.

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1 Data Destruction for the 21 st Century 1/3/20141

2 2 The compact Hammer enables a security erase command capable of purging digital data on up to 4 hard drives simultaneously, or link with USB hubs to manage dozens of hard drives. The Hammer can automatically format drives after erasure and can be used to rollout a new operating system to multiple workstations. It provides an audit trail via non-volatile on-board RAM to track device activity for printing or storing.

3 It effects everyone! According to 2007 Ponemon Study. Cost Per Incident rose from $182 to $197 per record. Average total per-incident cost in 2007 were $6.3 million. Cost of Lost Business increased by 30%. Do companies really pay these cost? What is the cost to your reputation? 1/3/20143

4 Is a destructive command that is embedded in the firmware of the hard disk drive. Embedded in hard drives starting in 2002. Assigns a hex value of 0 thus making the hard drive null. Data is not recoverable by any means. Hits hard drive sector by sector. Is an atomic process and will not stop until completed. Meets the NIST SP 800-88 purge standard for sanitizing digital media. 1/3/20144

5 The NSA and the University of San Diego Magnetic Research Institute. Dr. Gordon Hughes Develop a means for certifiably sanitizing hard drives beyond forensic recovery while retaining the ability to re- use or safely transport for destruction. Implemented by global hard drive manufacturers in 2002. 1/3/20145

6 The Hammer will activate the Security Erase command embedded in the firmware of the hard drive. Starts at both ends of the sector and works toward the middle to maximize coverage. Uses Bang Disk overwriting command if security erase command is not available. Security Erase is not available to drives manufactured before 2002. First assigns 125 bit code to hard drive at beginning of process. Drive is locked down until security erase completes. Drive is locked down if process is stopped before complete. Only way to unlock drive is complete security erase process. Security Erase is up to 18 times faster than software overwrite programs. No sight license required. 1/3/20146

7 7 HDD Power Cables (2) The Hammer (1) Documentation/CPR Toolbox CD (1 ) AC Power cord & transformer (1) SATA + Power Cables (2) PATA Cables (2) USB Cable (1)

8 1/3/20148 Controlled by 5 buttons. White Power Button. 4 Navigation Buttons. Using the 4 navigation buttons and the LCD screen, the user may traverse the menu structure to perform task. Up Down Left Right

9 1/3/20149 Hammer Side A Hammer Side B Side A 1 PATA Interface. 1 SATA Interface. HDD Power. Power Supply. Side B 1 PATA Interface. 1 SATA Interface. HDD Power. 1 USB Connection.

10 1/3/201410 Hammer Basics PATA drives must be set to Master. Menu structure begins with seven top level menu items. Start Operations Quick Lock Scan for Drives Identify Drive Verify Settings Audit Trail Device activity can be transferred to host PC via USB. Labels can be printed through Bluetooth printer. Can generate certificates with hard drive information.

11 1/3/201411 User Interface White button turns power on the Hammer. Main menu is presented. User may use Up or Down navigation buttons to scroll through menu actions. To Select desired action hit Right button. Left button is used to cancel a selection or action, or to return to the previous menu. Host Software The Hammer may be connect via USB port to computer CPR Toolbox software (included). Up Left Right Down

12 1/3/201412 Start Operations Erase Drive Enabled Disabled Security Erase Enabled Disabled Clone Enabled Disabled Clone Source SA PA Clear HPA/DCO Enabled Disabled Verify Command Enabled Disabled Print Labels Enabled Disabled Power Down After Complete Leave Drives On Quick Lock All Drives A PATA A SATA B PATA B SATA Scan For Drives Identify Drive A PATA A SATA B PATA B SATA Verify Verify Erase Verify Clone Print Label From Memory From Disk All Drives A PATA A SATA B PATA B SATA Settings Transfer Rates Auto UDMA Mode 3 UDMA Mode 2 UDMA Mode 1 UDMA Mode 0 PIO Power On Timeout Select Time in MS Command Timeout Timeout Count Select Time in MS Bluetooth Timeout Select Time in MS Connection Test Clock/Calendar Save Log to Disk Enabled Disabled Secure Password Enabled Disabled Buzzer Enabled Disabled Restore Defaults

13 1/3/201413 Default Operations The Hammer comes with standard default settings. Erase Drive Enabled Security Erase Enabled Clone Disabled Verify Command Disabled Print Labels Disabled Power Down Leave Drives On Save Logs To Disk Disabled Secure Password Enabled Buzzer Enabled

14 1/3/201414 SATA PATA SATA PATA

15 1/3/201415 SATA PATA SATA PATA Hook up Drives Power On Hammer will scan for drives. Start will show on screen when complete. Displays Start. Press Right button and continue will show on screen. Displays Continue To continue with default Erasure hit Right button. Hammer will display SE with corresponding ( ). Example: Hammer will estimate time to complete purging time. (As displayed above.) Time is based upon last drive to complete erasure. When Hammer completes process the display will change from SE to D.

16 1/3/201416 SATA PATA SATA PATA Bluetooth Printer After performing an action the optional Bluetooth printer will print a label. Select Drive from Settings menu (if not scheduled under default) Hammer will print following information. Start Date and Time Hammer Serial Number Drive Model Hard Drive Serial Number Action Outcome Security Erase: Passed End Date and Time Check Sum

17 1/3/201417 The Hammer Will be the most versatile data destruction tool you will ever own. Will erase data on hard drives at 4.0 Gigabytes' per minute. Will erase data on hard drives up to 18 times faster than software. Will erase 4 hard drives at one time. Will clone hard drives for re-deployment. Will lock down hard drives for transportation. Will create audit trail to ensure security. Will make you compliant with NIST SP 800-88. Will make you compliant with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, FACTA, Graham Leach-Bliley, FISMA, FERPA, RCRA Will make our environment better because it is a Green solution. Will save you money because you will not have to pay fines. Will save your reputation.

18 1/3/201418

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