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Data Security The Best Data Security In The Industry.

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2 Data Security The Best Data Security In The Industry

3 Data Security –On April 19, CBS News aired a story that highlighted the public’s fear that confidential and private data could be stolen from the hard drive of an MFP –During that broadcast, a senior executive at Sharp stated that their products’ hard drives could be automatically erased by purchasing a $500 security option –CBS said that the average American does not want to pay for such protection –At Konica Minolta, we’re glad to hear that! Major TV Network Causes Panic About Copiers

4 Data Security One Important Statement from the Story is False! During the broadcast, the following was heard: Konica Minolta refutes this statement as completely inaccurate for our bizhub MFP technology Konica Minolta MFPs do NOT store copies of print, scan, fax or copy jobs on the MFP’s hard drive “Nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive - like the one on your personal computer - storing an image of every document copied, scanned, or emailed by the machine.”

5 Data Security –Konica Minolta’s products are more secure than competitive MFPs. –Konica Minolta’s products are ISO 15408 certified as a SYSTEM, whereas most other vendors certify only their security options. For example, several competitors only certify their Hard Drive Security Kit. –ISO is International Standards Organization –Before applying for ISO 15408 certification, Konica Minolta works with 3 rd party security consultant to have the system strictly evaluated and to be checked for any vulnerability or weakness that it may have. –The latest bizhub models include 18 security based functions in the Security Target of Evaluation or TOEs –More than double the nearest competitor at EAL3. Bizhub MFP Security - An R&D Design Focus

6 Unauthorized Access Service Technician Administrator User Confidential/Secure Output Stored data Network Threats Total System Certification Data Security

7 Administrator Function SNMP Administrator Function Service Mode Function User Function User Box Function Secure Print Function Overwrite deletion Function for all area Encryption Key Generation Function HDD validation Function CF validation Function Authentication Failure Counter Reset Function Trust Channel Function S/MIME Encryption Processing Function External server authentication operation support Function Encryption kit operation support Function HDD lock operation support Function CF lock operation support Function Common Access Card/PIV Functions 18 Targets of Evaluation

8 Data Security All bizhub products are ISO 15408 EAL3 certified out of the Box!! What Do Competitors Offer? Xerox – 8 (EAL 3) -12 (EAL2) items in TOE Canon – 1 item in the TOE – Requires Optional Security Chip (cost of $325 for erase kit & $550 for encryption kit) Ricoh – 1 item in the TOE - Requires Optional Security Kit Sharp - 5 items in the TOE – Requires Optional Security Kit (cost of $399 to $550) HP - 4 items in the TOE Lexmark - 5 items in the TOE

9 Data Security Ability to authenticate using the optional HID Proximity Card Reader AU-201H Ability to authenticate using the optional Biometric Authentication readers Authentication devices will synchronize with Active Directory Advanced security (Biometric data stored on separate server)

10 Data Security Standard Security Features (that other vendors charge for) Secure Watermark (color only) Image File Automatic Hard Drive Overwrite Hard Drive Sanitize Hard Drive Lock Password Protection Network User Authentication IP Filtering Encrypted PDF Scanning Encrypted PDF Printing (new color models) S/MIME – email encryption and digital signature

11 Complete Audit Functions  Konica Minolta bizhub systems contain electronic job logs that record all print, copy, scan and fax jobs sent to or from the MFP  For example, the bizhub MFP Audit Log records all print jobs sent by named users. The Audit Log records when the job was printed, how many copies, the time it was printed etc.  Supported information in the Job Log Include:  User ID  Time & Date of event  Job Number  Job ID  Job Name  Scan Destination  Number of Pages Data Security For HIPAA & Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

12 We Provide Not Just a Record, But Also the Image  Built-in audit trail security feature in bizhub devices called the Image Log Transfer function.  Transfer the image using the Scan-to-FTP or WebDAV process to a registered server at the same time that the device is reading an image in copy mode, reading an image in scan mode, processing a print or image input for fax reception.  Job Log Manager Utility enables a company to keep long-term records of completed jobs. It provides an audit log that not only covers a long period of time, but one that can be reviewed and easily searched.  This utility also allows the logs of multiple MFPs to be centrally managed. Data Security

13 Security Summary

14 Data Security

15 NetworkPHI Data Physical OutputOutside Lines & Faxes Fax Security Diagnostics Service Authentication Network Protocol Security SSL Data Encryption Address Import Virus Protection Secure Print Woven Pattern Print HDD Security User Authentication Audit Log Ports Box Security Memory Erase PDF Encryption Konica Minolta MFP 18 Security Based Functions Covering ALL AREAS. Protecting every aspect of your Patient’s information. Data Security

16 Sample “Tie Downs” “Wouldn’t you agree that Konica Minolta’s focus on security provides your business with the protection you require?” “How soon can we begin to implement the data security features from Konica Minolta?” “Due to the size of the risk, your business can’t afford to use anything but Konica Minolta. Agreed?” “Since we will help bring your company into compliance, is there a better partner than Konica Minolta?”

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