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The sequence of folders to a file or folder is called a(n) ________.

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1 The sequence of folders to a file or folder is called a(n) ________.
A) trail B) path C) road D) aisle Answer: B In the Windows Explorer, window ________ shows properties of the item selected in the file list area. A) Navigation pane B) search box C) Details pane D) toolbar Answer: C

2 To copy a file, you select the file and then use the ________ keyboard shortcut.
A) Ctrl + C B) Ctrl + X C) Ctrl + V D) Ctrl + A Answer: A To move a file, select the file to be copied and press ________ to copy the file: A) Ctrl + C B) Ctrl + X C) Ctrl + V D) Ctrl + A Answer: B

3 Which of the following characters cannot be used in a Windows file name?
Answer: C Which of the following characters cannot be used in a Windows file name? A) ? B) ~ C) [ D) ( Answer: A

4 Which of the following file properties are NOT automatically created along with the file?
A) Type B) Size C) Date D) Title Answer: D The process of making files smaller to conserve disk space or to make them easier to transfer is called file ________. A) snipping B) clipping C) compression D) condensing Answer: C

5 By default, Windows 7 comes with ________ libraries.
Answer: B ________ folders are common to all users and provide an easy way to share files between them. A) Published B) General C) Community D) Public Answer: D

6 Computer files are organized into _________. A) commands B) groups
A _________ uses graphics or pictures to represent commands. A) mouse B) keyboard C) operating system D) graphical user interface Answer: D Computer files are organized into _________. A) commands B) groups C) units D) folders Answer: D

7 Which of the following is NOT one of the three types of user accounts that windows 7 provides?
A) standard B) guest C) administrator D) personal Answer: D Windows 7 is a(n): A) data file B) operating system C) word processor D) folder Answer: B

8 Every file is stored in a(n):
A) folder B) container C) another file D) processor Answer: A To turn on your computer and its monitor is commonly referred to as: A) running the computer B) booting the computer C) working the computer D) starting the computer Answer: B

9 Within the Windows Explorer window, the ________ is used to navigate the folders, libraries, and drives available on a computer. A) Details pane B) Navigation pane C) search box D) View button B) Navigation pane To select multiple files, hold down the ________ key as you click on each one. A) Alt B) Insert C) Home D) Ctrl D) Ctrl

10 A ________ is an area of storage that is formatted with a file system compatible with your operating system and is identified by a drive letter. A) folder B) directory C) drive D) file Answer: C GUI is an acronym for A) Graphical Intel Interface B) Graphical User Interface C) Graphics Using Information D) Good User Interface Answer: B

11 When you turn off your computer by using the Sleep command, Windows 7 automatically
A) starts the screen saver B) closes network connections C) stops the hard disk D) saves your work Answer: D When you Shut Down your computer, all the following occurs except A) the hard disk stops B) all open programs and files close C) network connections close D) minimum power is used Answer: D

12 A library is a collection of items such as files and:
A) disks. B) folders. C) memory. D) drives. Answer: B You can start programs from the ________ menu. A) Start B) Find C) Navigate D) Begin Answer: A

13 By default, the ________ is the only desktop icon that displays in Windows 7.
A) My Windows B) My Computer C) Recycle Bin D) Internet Explorer Answer: C You can move, resize, maximize, minimize and close a: A) disk. B) folder. C) window. D) file. Answer: C

14 The ________ stores anything that you delete from your computer, but that can be retrieved until the contents are permanently deleted. A) Delete Bucket B) Recycle Bin C) Delete Bin D) Remove Bin Answer: B To ________ means to specify, by highlighting, a block of data or text on the screen. A) edit B) select C) list D) choose Answer: B

15 Indexed locations include the files in your libraries and may include all of following EXCEPT:
A) misic files B) system files C) document files D) picture files Answer: B Which of the following files are NOT indexed? A) programs B) documents C) offline files D) e-mai Answer: A

16 A property that you create and add to a file to help you find and organize your files is a:
A) title. B) tag. C) description. D) label. Answer: B Which of the following are NOT good choices for storing files and folders when you need to carry your files from one place to another? A) external hard drive B) internal hard drive C) USB flash drive D) CD Answer: B

17 All of the following are common dialog boxes EXCEPT:
A) Save B) Close C) Save As D) Open Answer: B You cannot use any of the following characters in a file name EXCEPT: A) question mark. B) greater than sign. C) asterisk. D) space. Answer: D

18 When you ________ a file or folder, you remove it from the original location and store it in a new location. A) move B) duplicate C) copy D) replace Answer: A For an alternative to the Undo Move command, press Ctrl + ________ to undo an action in the file list. A) M B) Z C) U D) C Answer: B

19 Within a folder, two files cannot have the same ________
A) properties B) name C) attributes D) extension Answer: B To compress a file is to ________ the file. A) reduce the size of B) remove the white space of C) encrypt D) expand the size of Answer: A

20 To ________ means to decompress, or pull out, files from a compressed form.
A) expand B) draw C) obtain D) extract Answer: D The Recycle Bin only saves items deleted from the computer's ________ A) floppy disk B) USB flash drive C) hard drive D) memory card Answer: C

21 A common file type used by digital cameras and computers to store digital pictures is:
A) Compress B) TIFF C) JPEG D) snip Answer: C A temporary storage area in Windows that stores the most recently copied item is referred to as the _________. A) Office cache B) storage area C) Windows Clipboard D) L2 cache Answer: C

22 To right-click an object means to move the mouse pointer over the object and then _________ A) click and hold down the right mouse button B) click the right mouse button C) click the left mouse button D) click the right mouse button two times Answer: B Holding the mouse steady and then quickly clicking the left mouse button two times is called _________. A) choosing B) clicking C) double-clicking D) selecting Answer: C

23 The Start menu gives you access to _________. A) system tools B) Help
In Windows the _________ window enables you to navigate to your computer’s files and folders A) My Computer B) network C) files D) recycle Answer: A The Start menu gives you access to _________. A) system tools B) Help C) both Help and system tools D) neither help nor system tools Answer: C

24 To select multiple, adjacent files, select the first file, hold down the ________ key, and select the last file. A) Alt B) Shift C) Home D) Ctrl Answer: B In order to select all files in a window, you press ________. A) Ctrl + S B) Ctrl + C C) Ctrl + A D) Ctrl + B Answer: C

25 The _________ folder contains several basic programs.
A) Printers B) Taskbar C) Startup D) Accessories Answer: D In order to see more than one window at a time, you can _________. A) shut all of the windows B) close all of them except the desired window C) only open one window D) move them out of the way Answer: D

26 _________ is a Windows program that is used to create or display graphics.
A) WordPad B) Notepad C) Paint D) Calculator Answer: C The default name of a new folder is _________. A) User Folder B) New Folder C) New D) Folder Answer: B

27 When you drag a file to a folder on the same drive, the original file is _________. A) left in its original location B) copied to the new folder C) moved to the new folder D) deleted Answer: C Changing the name of a folder _________. A) does not change the contents of the folder B) copies the folder to a new drive C) changes the contents of the folder D) deletes the folder contents Answer: A

28 When you delete a file that is on a removable drive, the file is _________.
A) copied to the hard drive B) recoverable C) deleted immediately D) moved to the Recycle Bin Answer: C The _________ is a wildcard that takes the place of a portion of a file name in a search. A) space B) dash (-) C) colon (:) D) asterisk (*) Answer: D

29 You can open _________ application window(s) at the same time.
A) only two B) no more than three C) several D) one Answer: C

30 The _________ provides information about the active window.
A) status bar B) menu bar C) Quick Launch toolbar D) toolbar Answer: A A file ____________ is the last 3 characters that follow the file name that identify the type of program used to create the file. a) Folder b) extension c) locator d) callout Answer: B

31 Use the ____________feature to reduce a file size that may be
too large for an attachment. a) wildcard b) file extension c) thumbnail d) compress Answer: D A file ____________ is the last 3 characters that follow the file name that identify the type of program used to create the file. a) folder b) extension c) locator d) callout Answer: B

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