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Passion to Profit Finding Your Targeted Niche. What is Niche Marketing? Focused message. Not always easy. Authority and credibility.

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1 Passion to Profit Finding Your Targeted Niche

2 What is Niche Marketing? Focused message. Not always easy. Authority and credibility.

3 If youre still looking for a topic, you may need to look no further than your own experience. You may be saying to yourself, But Im not an expert on anything. PLEASE, think again. Everyone has life experience, training, and skills that others do not have.

4 Tips to Help You Discover and Prosper in Your Niche Market Choose a Topic That Will Keep Your Interest What is your PASSION? What are you KNOWLEDGABLE about? What kind of talents and skills do you have? What are your hobbies?

5 Research Your Target Market Come Up With an Idea for Your Product Choose a topic where the following three criteria can (and must) be met: People are looking for information to solve a common problem They are willing to spend money on that information. You, personally, are at least moderately interested about this topic.

6 To be successful youre going to be spending a lot of time researching, writing and creating content around your niche as well as networking with other people within that niche. Choose a topic purely because you think it will be profitable, but you have no interest in, youre unlikely to stay motivated enough to continue building a profitable business– ask yourself if you could write articles and blog posts about this topic, day after day? Choose a subject purely based on your passions without checking out the market first and you could end up dominating a niche where there are no profits to be made Take your time, choose wisely and always be willing to learn!

7 Why is it So Critical to Find a Group of People With a Common Problem, Rather Than a Hot Product? Well, the simple truth is that people very rarely go online to actively look for products to buy. Much more often, they go online to search for solutions to their problems.

8 Find a Niche You Are PASSIONATE About What do you have a passion about that also has a large number of people willing to flip open their wallets? We all know something that is of value to someone else, something that others are seeking information on. You need to discover what drives you, what excites you, what makes you tick – YOUR TRUE PASSION.

9 Pay attention when folks you meet start talking about their hobbies, their passions. Take a look on your bookshelves or in libraries. Watch the news. You will discover some real clues as to what kinds of problems people are facing that you could possibly deliver the answers for. Ever eavesdrop on someones conversation while you were standing in a checkout line? Oh, by the way, dont forget to look right under your nose! LISTEN ALWAYS AND PAY ATTENTION

10 You need to become involved with the market you are targeting. Let your presence be seen. Remember you need to be seen as an authority in your niche market. Learn the language that your targeted market is speaking. An example of this would be if you are marketing to teenagers. Make sure that you choose a niche where people are ready, able, and willing to spend money.

11 Stand out above the crowd as something different than everyone else is offering. Decide what format would be best for you to use in delivering your solutions to the market that is in need. Look into developing an even more focused sub-niche as a means of expanding your customer base.

12 Possible Niche Topics Weight loss and dieting Health (or fixing health problems) Fitness and exercise (lifting things that are drooping and tightening things that are sagging) Looking good (reversing aging, removing hair, keeping hair, etc.) Relationships (finding then, keeping them, getting over them) Making money (online or offline, small business, finding jobs, etc) Saving money Parenting problems/concerns Personal development/self awareness

13 Forums, Blogs, Magazines Google Trends Google Adwords Research Your Niche Research each topic on your list. Which ones have people buying digital products in large numbers online?, Keyword Research Affiliate Marketing

14 Use is an amazing resource for finding niche markets youd never have thought about entering. Step 1. In search drop down select books and hit GO. Step 2. In the left hand navigation column, you'll notice all the different book topics. Pick one that interests you. Now, you'll notice a new set of topics in the left hand column. Pick one. Step 3. Check reviews. Reviews indicate a market that's involved and active, which is what we're looking for. Look for larger numbers. Step 4. Next, take a look at the titles. These are all possible sub-niches. Step 5. Next, take a look at the sales ranking of these titles. This can be found by clicking on the book cover and moving down the page to the section title Product Details. The lower the number, the higher the sales for that particular item. *** Use Bestsellers – ***

15 gives good insight to into what is selling right now and what people are looking for. Go to eBay Pulse for finding hot niches.

16 If has a book written on a niche, it means they have identified a problem and offering a solution. (They have researched the niche.) The Dummies Company has made creating niche products an art form in its own right. Search through their titles in general niches that interest you and jot down potential eBook topics.

17 Article Directories The key when visiting this kind of site is to just make a huge list of potential topics, and then when youre done go and research. If there are people searching for information on the subject (at least five thousand a month) youve just found a niche topic that could turn into a very lucrative home-based business.

18 Here is the process for researching: 1. Type in a keyword related to the industry you are searching. 2. Create a list of all the questions people are asking within that topic. 3. Probe to find the hot button. 4. Formulate a campaign from your findings.

19 Step 1: Go To Step 2: Go To Categories and select Category closest to your Niche

20 Step 3: Type In Keywords or Questions related to Niche

21 Step 4: Look for related questions

22 Yahoo Answers Step 4: Read The Questions to identify problems. Step 5: Find The WHY ! Why does this person want help writing a resume? Tired of current job? Recently laid off from previous Job? Step 6: Look for the What comes next! ! Are there any other products or services this person may be interested in that you can create in your backend marketing strategy? Are there any related Niches that would be of help to this person?

23 Step 7: Research The Answers For product content that will provide the solution. This will also let you research available products from competition to help spark ideas!

24 Research Through Keyword Use Another way to research your product is through keyword research. Keyword research is basically the practice of looking at what users are searching for and how they search for it on the Internet.

25 Long Tail Keywords Targeting one- or the two-word search terms can be difficult and ineffective. You will find yourself competing with big established websites, and you will most likely run into the problem of low conversion rates. Long tail keywords will generally be able to drive a lot of good, qualified, quality traffic to your website. And that will give you higher conversions of sales.

26 Break Down Main Niches Into Sub-Niches Example Guitar gives about 267,000,000 results. Guitar may have a very large amount of competition and possibly have a very saturated market. Electric Guitar gives about 15,000,000 results. Acoustic Guitar gives about 14,100,000 results. Beginner Acoustic Guitar gives about 37,500 results.

27 Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons gives about 6,690 results. Learn how to play acoustic guitar by ear gives about 1,100 results. As you can see, by breaking the broad term keyword Guitar down into sub-niches, you can find a more targeted niche to work with.

28 Example: Chicken

29 Example: Chickens

30 Example: Raising Chickens

31 Example: Raising Silkie Chickens

32 Niche Examples Electronic gaming is not a niche (too broad). Xbox repairs is a niche (and very profitable) How to win at Madden is a niche (one guy earns $300K on this alone!) Gardening is not a niche (again, too broad). Hydroponic growing is a niche How to grow bigger hybrid tea roses is a niche

33 The Advantages of Narrowing Your Focus to a Small, Niche Market There's MUCH less competition Easier to dominate You can often find great deals on advertising on other sites that target your small market You can easily gain the loyalty of your customers – which offers you lots of opportunities to expand your offer with related products and follow-up offers!

34 Column 1, Advertiser Competition Column 2, Global Month Search Volume Column 3, Local Month Search Volume Column 4, Search Trends Google Keyword Tool

35 Check Google Adwords Ads When you do a search on Google for your keyword, you will get the Google search results page. On the right hand side of the page you will see "Sponsored Links" by Google. These are what are known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads of your potential competitors.

36 Google Results

37 Use ClickBank To Explore Your Niche And Affiliate Income Potential The reason this is so cool, is that these are all information products, like ebooks, downloadable audio or video etc. Visit the Clickbank Marketplace and do a search with your Niche Keywords Look for Affiliate Products? The reason this is so cool, is that these are all information products, like ebooks, downloadable audio or video etc. If there is a product (or even better, several products) in the niche youre interested in listed here, you know that there are people buying products in this niche on the Internet… Product ideas What we can do to add value Research Competition Find JV Partners Get noticed on Radar of your Niche Find options for monetizing your Niche with ready made affiliate offers.

38 Research ClickBank Step 1 : Go to and search the marketplace for Affiliate Products in your Niche of Interest

39 Research ClickBank Step 2 : Type in related Keywords in Find Products search bar Organic gardening

40 Research ClickBank Step 1 : Research Affiliate Products offered

41 Take a look at the categories that StumbleUpon offer to their Stumblers. Look for a category closely aligned to your proposed niche, potentially a great source of free targeted traffic to profit from. Check StumbleUpon Categories

42 StumbleUpon Step 1 : Look For Topics related to your Niche

43 StumbleUpon Step 2: Research the recommended content provided Step 6: Research more content ! Content ideas Research Competition Advertising JV Partners Free Traffic

44 Search Magazines (Both Offline and Online)

45 Research Your Results




49 Evaluating the Competition Your competitor is the one in your business that has the loyal following. There are two types of competition, DIRECT and INDIRECT.

50 Are their products ranging from low to high in prices? Does the market have a good back end? If not, can you create back-end products that people will buy? What comes first and what comes next? Is there competition? If not, you may need to rethink your niche. If Yes… How Much and How can I compete!

51 What extra benefits do they provide? Membership sites, forums, blogs? What kind of customer support is available? Do they have affiliate programs? Are their websites easy to navigate with good design formats that are pleasing to the eye? Look for holes to be filled

52 Ask Yourself… What are the problems that the market is facing in the niche I have chosen? What is that something extra that I bring to the market, that my niche market doesnt have yet? How can I best set myself apart from the competition so that I stand above the crowd and will be noticed?

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