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Bringing the Galvanic Spa Home

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1 Bringing the Galvanic Spa Home
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2 Half-face Demonstration
Step 1 Step 1: Cleanse Always make sure the skin is clean and oil-free before beginning any Galvanic Spa treatment. This is a good opportunity to introduce new clients to Nu Skin Daily Skin Care products. Time: 1 minute Product: Creamy Cleansing Lotion or Pure Cleansing Gel or Epoch Polishing Bar Make sure that hair is pulled back and clothing is protected Apply cleanser with fingertips and gently work into skin on face and neck Ask client to rinse face and pat dry. Tip: Creamy Cleansing Lotion is an easy choice since rinsing with water after cleansing is optional. It can also be removed with a dry cotton pad or tissue.

3 Half-face Demonstration
Step 2 Product: NaPCA Moisture Mist Before you apply Moisture Mist, open your Galvanic Pre-Treatment Gel and your Galvanic Treatment Gel. While your client has their eyes closed, spray Moisture Mist over the face. Spray the hand that will be holding the Galvanic unit with Moisture Mist. The current moves more freely and the treatment is more effective if your hand is damp. Step 2: Prepare A little added moisture will help the low-level Galvanic current move freely. This step is important considering the fact that the Galvanic current will run through you and your client to complete the low-level electrical circuit. Time: 1 minute

4 Half-face Demonstration
Step 3 Product: Galvanic Spa Pre-Treatment Gel Choose which side of your client’s face to use for a “Half-Face” demo. Tip: If you are right-handed, we recommend choosing the right side of your client’s face (left side for left-handed). Apply 1/2 of the vial of Pre-Treatment Gel to half of your client’s face. Begin Pre-Treatment by setting the Galvanic instrument to pre-treat mode for two minutes. As you touch your client’s face with the Galvanic instrument whilst closing the circuit with your other hand the Galvanic will automatically adjust to your client’s skin. When the instrument beeps, begin moving it in slow, small, circular motions, moving up and out. Begin at the jaw line or upper neck and end the process on their forehead. Use the entire two-minute Pre-Treat cycle. The instrument will beep when finished. Use a soft tissue or damp cloth to wipe away any remaining gel from face and neck. Step 3: Pre-Treat This step removes impurities from the skin allowing it to breathe. It also soothes skin. Be sure to hold the Galvanic unit with the metal plate touching the palm of your hand. Maintain the contact with the metal plate throughout the duration of the Pre-Treat and Treatment cycles. It is VERY IMPORTANT to close the circuit to allow the galvanic current to work. Place your free hand gently on your client’s neck, arm, hand or any other convenient place where you can touch their bare skin. Explain the process to your client as you go. Time: 4 minutes

5 Half-face Demonstration
Step 4 Product: Galvanic Spa Treatment Gel Apply 1/2 of the vial of Treatment Gel to the selected half of your client’s face. Touch the Galvanic instrument to your client’s face and press the button again. Wait until you hear the beep that gives you the signal to begin the treatment cycle of the facial. Maintain contact by placing your free hand on the client’s skin and begin moving the Galvanic instrument in slow, small, circular motions, moving up and out. Begin at the jaw line and end the process on their forehead. Use the entire three-minute Treatment cycle. The instrument will beep when finished. Use a soft tissue or damp cloth to wipe away any remaining gel from face and neck. Step 4: Treat This step revives and invigorates your client’s skin. Time: 4 minutes

6 Half-face Demonstration
Step 5 After you have removed any remaining Treatment Gel from your client’s face, hand them a mirror You and your client will see a visible difference on the Galvanic Spa treated side of the face You can expect to see the rejuvenating effects of Galvanic Spa. The treated side will appear refreshed and invigorated. The skin will have a vibrant, rosy glow. Step 5: See the Difference Dull skin will be revived.

7 Half-face Demonstration
Steps 6 & 7 Product: pH Balance Toner pH Balance Mattefying Toner Use a soft cotton pad to apply to skin stroking upward and outward Allow skin to dry for a few seconds before beginning the next step. Step 6: Tone Toning will restore the skin’s pH balance. Time: 1 minute Introduce Skin Care products including moisturisers and products that treat specific issues. Step 7: Treat & Moisturise

8 Testimonials I have been using the Galvanic Spa for more than 1 year now and I am thrilled with the results. I invite you to take a look at my before and after photos! You will see the incredible improvement on the appearance of my nasolabial fold and it seems like the wrinkles around my eye area as well as my furrowed brow were never there. My neck and neckline feel as smooth as a baby’s skin. Using the cellulite treatment option, I lost 1.5 cm per leg within only three weeks. I only use the Galvanic once a week (2 minutes for step 1 and 3 minutes for step 2) for a treatment of my face, neck and neckline. This is a great product! I just can't live without it! Manuela Stengel, Germany

9 Testimonials The advantage of working with Galvanic is that you can show in just minutes how the product makes a difference. I recommend that you take a photograph of your client in order to be able to show the instant result. The Galvanic is an easy product to work with as it appeals to all kinds of people: professional beauticians, clients you meet at home parties or new prospects interested in building their business. The Galvanic Spa ™ System II is a perfect product to help you build a stable business through ADP’s as the gels are consumption products that your client base will use up on a monthly basis. Jan Jørgensen, Denmark

10 Testimonials It is now 2 years since we started working with the Galvanic Spa and we love it, as we only have satisfied customers. The Galvanic Spa treatment is as relaxing for the person who gives the treatment as for the receiver. You always achieve a result – and in only 10 minutes. There are no negative effects and the result is visible: a diminished appearance of wrinkles, an improved skin tone and it makes your skin glow. In one word the Galvanic Spa is fabulous. Inge & John Merst, Belgium

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