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Make up seminar MATERIALS FEE $10 DUE! Prentoulis Tues/Thurs.

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1 Make up seminar MATERIALS FEE $10 DUE! Prentoulis Tues/Thurs

2 Skin cleansing Use cream cleanser, water Hand stroke version “effleurage” After, remove with cotton pads soaked in toner/witch hazel Skin analysis (outside) Draw/photograph/blog Clean up

3 Sequence Start base of neck, move upward strokes to ‘lift’ and rejuvenate Aim is to massage circulation, relax muscles, loosen dirt and oil

4 Effleurage facial massage techniques Trapezius muscle neck massage – relaxes Neck/chin brace Knuckling 2 finger upward stroke neck to ear Flat fingers upward forehead Scissor forehead Figure 8 forehead Pyramids forehead Eye circles – Avoid delicate eye skin close to eye! Brow pinch Nose stroke/circle over and around Patting/pebbling Whipping (end with stroking, knuckling, turn head and do final trapezius massage) Add cream and water as needed

5 Toner/astringent/witch hazel Using cotton pad, remove cleanser Move on to skin analysis Show client with mirror

6 Skin analysis pN4w pN4w We do not have any machines to help us (UV light, magnifying glass). Must do outside in sunlight. Always start by asking the client if they have any skin sensitivity or special requests Use clean hands! Ideally, short nails.

7 What to look for Touch gently – feel temperature Pores – fine, medium or large? Fine pores appear as smooth skin, large appear as “holes” and are often accompanies by oily skin Elasticity/firmness – does skin snap back to place? Does it feel firm, thick? Oiliness – is there any stickiness or slickness? Dehydration – Gently push up skin by cheek/jaw. Fine lines indicate dehydration Circulation – does skin look vibrant or sallow? Broken capillaries/spider veins or red patches anywhere? “Couperose” skin is red Moles, pimples, scars, flaking? Sun damage – pigmentation, wrinkles, sagging, sun spots

8 couperose skin (redness, broken capillaries)

9 Signs of sun damage

10 Wear sun block every day! To maintain supple, firm, radiant, translucent skin for years to come Yes, african american and latinas too!

11 Draw, photograph, blog On sheet of paper, draw your client’s face shape and basic features Draw and label their skin properties from your analysis Photograph this and upload Photograph actual face too Write up your analysis/tests performed to understand their skin

12 Skin tone determination WBI WBI What skin tone do you have? Many factors to consider – Iight medium dark – Race/ethnicity – Warm/cool – Gold/pink/neutral

13 4 tests to determine skin tone Gold/silver fabric – which lights up your face Jewelry – gold or silver better on you? Veins – blue or green? Ear test – is the area behind your ear more yellow or pink toned?

14 Choosing foundation color 2I 2I Choose three shades, paint the on jaw Right color should blend right in and disappear

15 Choosing foundation formula Tinted moisturizer Liquid foundation – varies in coverage and texture Pan stick Cream to powder Powder

16 Primer, concealer, powder Primer is a product that creates smooth surface for foundation. Makes it last longer and look smoother. Concealer should be a shade LIGHTER and applied BFORE foundation (sometimes after too) Set whole thing with powder to make it last Brush strokes move downwards to unruffle facial hairs

17 Smashbox foundation basics tutorial GzAbOaaZuQwspQgw

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