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The Subjunctive El subjuntivo

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1 The Subjunctive El subjuntivo
Students will go online and do a research on“ Querida Abby” Dear Abby. Students will choose 2 letters. Students will write at least 5 advice to the people who wrote the letters using the subjunctive. Turn in these to the teacher for corrections.

2 Writing Instructions Students must include some of the following verbs or expressions. The teacher will check and grade their writing part.

3 Verbos de… Influencias
sugerir (ie, i) recomendar (ie) aconsejar pedir (i, i) requerir (ie) exigir permitir prohibir insistir rogar (ue) Emocion alegrarse de temer tener miedo sentir (ie, i) esperar enfadarse de enojarse de preocuparse de estar triste / alegre / sorprenderse

4 Verbos de… Duda/de negación dudar no creer negar (ie) no pensar (ie)
Con el indicativo pensar (ie) no dudar creer

5 Expresiones impersonales
es bueno / malo es necesario es importante es imposible es probable es increíble es posible es preciso es ridículo es raro con el indicativo es verdad es cierto es seguro es obvio es evidente parece que

6 Avatar Students will go to and create an Avatar.
After creating an Avatar, the students will act like “Querida Abby” and give advice to the people using the Avatar. Students will post their responds on and also send an to the teacher.

7 Voki’s Presentations Upon completion the teacher will present their voki’s to the class.

HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL III Strands: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

9 COMPETENCY GOAL 1 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION The learner will engage in conversation and exchange information and opinions orally and in writing in the target language. Objectives 1.01 Give advice to others. Interact using original thoughts orally and in writing by employing increasingly complex structures and expanded vocabulary in present, past, and future times Express preferences, feelings, emotions, and opinions giving supporting details orally and in writing Increase use of culturally acceptable vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and gestures

10 COMPETENCY GOAL 2: INTERPRETIVE COMMUNICATION The learner will understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics in the target language. Objectives 2.01 Demonstrate understanding of a wide range of oral and written idiomatic expressions, phrases, sentences and passages Demonstrate understanding of oral and written questions relating to familiar and less familiar topics Read and interpret authentic materials (e.g., selected short stories, poetry and other literary works, articles, personal correspondence, and simple technical material).

11 COMPETENCY GOAL 3: PRESENTATIONAL COMMUNICATION The learner will present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics in the target language. Objectives 3.02 Compose and present stories, poems, and skits Compose messages, announcements, notes, advertisements, postcards, or simple letters beyond personal experiences 3.05 Summarize and interpret information from authentic material orally and in writing.

12 COMPETENCY GOAL 6: CONNECTIONS The learner will acquire, reinforce, and further his/her knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language 6.01 Acquire and process information from a variety of sources in the target language about a topic which is common to other disciplines.

13 Seventy First High School
The End Presented by: Milagros Hernández Seventy First High School Spanish III

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