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Environmental Health in Transcultural Health Care.

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1 Environmental Health in Transcultural Health Care

2 Week 2. Cultural Blog Be prepared to discuss your cultural background. What are your traditions new/old. Significance of cultural icons related to your worldview Each student should post a substantive paragraph on the all class blog. Identify some cultural icons/symbols which you use and share these with the class. Be able to explain their meanings to assist in validating each other as humans. You may use Leiningers approach to describe your self, Page 7 in your text, or the outline given at the end of the syllabus called Community Cultural Assessment. Key Concept: Self Assessment

3 New Content Your communitys environment Assignments Your communitys effect on body burden

4 Key Concept: Cultural Encounter Indigenous Healers Sign up for a Web site activity for next week's class These are the questions to answer: 1.What information does the site provide? 2. Is information provided about education/training? 3. What is the treatment/therapy used for? 4. Who usually uses this therapy? All groups? A specific cultural group? 5. Is the treatment covered by insurance? 6. Is there scientific evidence for the efficacy of the treatment/therapy?

5 New Content Questions about use of indigenous remedies Assignment: Assessment and Health History Indigenous Healers. Assignment: Small group role play questions about indigenous remedies

6 Justice Read article on White Privilege by Jensen and Mixed Emotions by Podemski

7 New Content Environmental Justice Definition of environmental justice: Environmental Justice & Asian Pacific Islander Issues Assignments: See comparative scorecards of communities of minority and majority groups Include social stigma associated with effects of environmental exposures, eg. cognitive disability

8 Oral Traditions An Evening of Storytelling

9 New Content Post a story with an environmental theme For example: First person account of effect of river dams on reservations

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