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商务英语 Unit 5 International Business Styles

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1 商务英语 Unit 5 International Business Styles

2 Unit 5 International Business Styles
Objectives Language focus Skills Business Communication Key Vocabulary Lead-in Reading Homework

3 Objectives When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to providing information on international business styles collecting information on international business styles.

4 Language focus Modal verbs: talking about possibility
Pronunciation : word linking stress patterns

5 Skill Writing: connectors to show addition of information
Reading: Marks& Spencer Listening: world competitive scoreboard

6 Business Communication
Describing trends: interpreting graphs

7 Key vocabulary characteristic availability of labor labor cost availability of raw materials state of the economy economic recession unemployment national culture hierarchy subordinates delegate initiative

8 Lead-in 1.Read the portraits of managers in five different countries and decide which country each one corresponds to Germany Poland Sweden the united kingdom 2.In which country is the shopping basket of everyday goods most expensive? 3.In which country is it least expensive?

9 Words and expression recession: withdrawn, out of receding slump hampers: n. packing-case or basket with a lid, esp one used for sending food. balance: capital optional: which may be chosen or not as one wishes; not compulsory assembly: mass come together

10 Language Focus Modal verbs: talking about possibility may, might
It takes a long time to earn enough to buy a machine. There may be a luxury tax on it. can’t , could I could be wrong. adverbs: maybe, perhaps, probably Note: maybe is one word when it means perhaps. Compare the two sentences: Maybe demand is very high in Chicago. Demand in Chicago may be very high.

11 Reading empower: to give sb. more control to bomb: to go badly to go a bomb: to be successful exuberant: happy, cheerful, full of energy etiquette: polite behaviour premises: statement on which reasoning is based. valve: (sort 0f ) mechanical device for controlling the flow of air, liquid or gas into or through a tube, pipe etc, by opening or closing a passage. exhaust: ( outlet, in an engine or machine, for) steam, vapour etc that has done its work exhaust pipe

12 Homework 1.listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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