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商务英语 Unit 13 Marketing 教材:新视野商务英语(下).

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1 商务英语 Unit 13 Marketing 教材:新视野商务英语(下)

2 Unit 13 Marketing Objectives Language Focus Skills
Business Communication Key Vocabulary lead-in Reading Homework

3 Objective When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to provide information on marketing collect information on marketing.

4 Language focus Comparison Reported speech

5 Skill Writing: write the letter to persuade or attract people’s attention. Reading: Hello to the good buys Listening: listen to a marketing manager talking about her company.

6 Business Communication
Discuss the questions: 1.What are the advantages of this type of research over the more conventional data colleting processes? 2.Would you agree to participate in this type of research? 3.Why do you think some people do accept?

7 Key Vocabulary This section provides an explanation of marketing and explains the four main aspects of the marketing process: ‘the four Ps’ marketing product price place promote marketing mix identify consumer demand profitable intend refer to surprise attack outgunned territory surrender key strongholds rage on

8 Lead-in 1.This exercise considers military metaphors which are often used in texts about marketing. 2.Before listening to the cassette, brainstorm with students expressions used in business which include military terms.

9 Words and expression Aggressive advertising, a sales campaign, staff casualties, a marketing strategy, strong-arm tactics, the cola war ( Pepsi/Coke) , the sportswear war( Nike/ Reebok), the burger war ( McDonald’s / Burger King)

10 Language Focus Comparison
1.We add –er to one – syllable adjectives to form the comparative. High—higher, low lower 2.We add –est to one-syllable adjectives to from the superlative. Demand for our products is high in India, higher in China but the highest demand is in Japan. 3.We add –ier and –iest to adjectives ending in –y. There are irregular comparatives and superlatives. 4.We add more /less and the most / the least to adjectives to two or more syllables.

11 5.We use than to compare tow or more things.

12 Reported speech A number of changes take place when converting direct speech into reported speech. The present tense verb ate in direct speech becomes a past tense verb were in reported speech. Such tense changes take place when the reporting verb is in the past.

13 Direct speech Reported speech
Present simple past simple Present continuous past continuous Past simple past perfect Present perfect past perfect Past perfect past perfect Will would Can could

14 Reading hassle: problems gasoline; petrol
to differentiate: to show how products are different from each other an upgrade: making sth. work better, and do more to make a statement about sb: to show what kind of person sb. to go out of one’s way: to make an effort fueling up : filling up

15 Today, after 18 months of cutting edge research, Shell Oil is on track to make buying fuel at their 8900 service stations clearly different with a new brand initiative. This meant their buying decisions were influenced by other factors—some wanted full –serve outlets like the old days, some chose a service station depending on whether it liked safe or not.

16 Homework 1.listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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