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Objectives Language focus Skills Key vocabulary Lead-in Language Focus Homework

3 Objectives When the learners finish learning this unit, they should be able to providing information on some companies structures collecting information on some companies structures.

4 Language focus Present perfect and past simple Describing changs

5 Skills Writing: a company profile
Reading: the Phillips story :company profile Listening: company structures of Zurich Financial

6 Key vocabulary company detail structure marketing literature annual report presentation information founder key dates events shareholders management workforce organization chart board of directors managing director Senior management middle management

7 Lead-in listen to seven people talking about their work and decided which department each one works for? Phillips is a major multinational company which has almost 30,000 trademarks registered worldwide. In groups, study the organization chart below.

8 Words and expression Patent : to get a legal document to stop others manufacturing a product Anti-establishment: not in agreement with government or authority. Rebel: some one who fights against authority Customized: designed for a particular customer

9 Language Focus Present Perfect and past simple
We use the present perfect to talk about: the present result of something that happened at an unspecified time in the past. He’s decided to look for a new job. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your name.

10 How long have you worked here?
actions or situations which started in the past and continue in the present. How long have you worked here? She’s been away on business since last week. I haven’t seen him for several years. 1

11 I’ve known her for three months. I’ve known her since July.
We use the present perfect + for to show the duration of an action, and the present perfect + since to show when an action began. I’ve known her for three months. I’ve known her since July. We often use the present perfect with these adverbs: just ever never lately so far up to now 2

12 Pasteur made important medical discoveries.
Past Simple We use the past simple to talk about actions and events which happened in a finished period of time in the past. Pasteur made important medical discoveries. Did you go to the meeting yesterday? She worked in Paris for five years before moving to Rome. 7

13 Reading Refine: improve Modify: make small changes Synonymous with a disposable age: represents our fast-moving world Gillette: major manufacturer of razors and toiletries Manufacture: a firm which makes or produces goods.

14 Skill Focus 1. this job involved… 2.I reported directed to … 3. I was employed as… 4.I worked… 5. the next position I held was… 6. I was then promoted to … 7. In this role… 8.I’ve worked…

15 Homework 1.listening to the tape after class.
2.reciting the new words and the text of key vocabulary. 3.writing a composition.

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