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THIS IS With Hosts... Your Ms. Wilda and Mrs. Umer!

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4 With Hosts... Your Ms. Wilda and Mrs. Umer!

5 100 200 300 400 500 Key Terms Mr. Lip Map Misc. Cultures World Cultures Review Key Terms Continued

6 This is a line on a map or globe that runs north and south and measures east or west of the Prime Meridian. A 100

7 What is longitude? A 100

8 A 200 This is the study of people, their environments, and their resources and how they relate to each other.

9 What is geography? A 200

10 This is line located at 0 degrees latitude. A 300

11 What is the equator? A 300

12 This is a line on a map or globe that runs east and west and measures distance north or south of the equator A 400

13 What is latitude? A 400

14 This term refers to the way a places location is perceived. A 500

15 What is relative location? A 500

16 This term is concerned with the reasons people, goods, and ideas move from one place to another and with the result of those movements. B 100

17 What is movement? B 100

18 This term is described in regards to its physical environment and cultural features. B 200

19 What is place? B 200

20 B 300 This term provides a system of classification based on identifiable characteristics and patterns.

21 What is region? B 300

22 This is known as a position of a place on the earths surface. B 400

23 What is location?

24 This term focuses on the ways in which people and societies have dealt with or (adapted to) their environment. B 500

25 Interaction with the Environment (Human-Environment Interaction) B 500

26 C 100

27 What are the Himalayas? C 100

28 C 200

29 What is the Persian Gulf? C 200

30 C 300

31 What are the Andes Mountains? C 300


33 C 400

34 What is the Southern Ocean?

35 C 500

36 What is the Yellow (Huang He) River? C 500

37 D 100 People govern themselves in this form of government.

38 D 100 What is a democracy?

39 This is the total value of all of the goods and services produced within the domestic borders of a nation. D 200

40 What is GDP (Gross Domestic Product)? D 200

41 This term means the movement of customs or ideas from one place to another. D 300

42 What is diffusion?

43 This is the ideal population for the Earth. D 400

44 What is 2 billion people? D 400

45 Name two characteristics of a developed country. D 500

46 What is a country with a stable government and largely middle class population? D 500

47 This is the method of social organization that helps people learn how they are expected to behave and act. It is the most important unit of social organization. E 100

48 What is family? E 100

49 These describe daily behavior such as clothing, actions, food, etc. E 200

50 What are customs and traditions? E 200

51 Hitler and Stalin are examples of this type of government. E 300

52 What is a dictatorship? E 300

53 People form this to provide for common needs. These needs include keeping order within a society and protecting the society from outside threats. E 400

54 What is a government? E 400

55 E 500 This refers to how people use limited resources to satisfy their wants and needs.

56 What is economics? E 500

57 This term means all the things that make up a peoples way of life. F 100

58 What is culture? F 100

59 In this type of economy, the government controls all businesses. F 200

60 What is a command economy? F 200

61 These rank people based upon their status in comparison with others. F 300

62 What is social class? F 300

63 F 400 This refers to the ability of a person to read and write effectively.

64 What is literacy rate? F 400

65 F 500 This term means judging other cultures by the standards of ones own culture.

66 What is ethnocentrism? F 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: International Organizations Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 Which international organization was established in the aftermath of WWII in an attempt to stabilize international relations and create a firm foundation for peace? Click on screen to continue

69 What is The United Nations? Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing World Cultures Jeopardy!

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