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Early Renaissance “rebirth of learning”

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1 Early Renaissance “rebirth of learning”
Early Renaissance “rebirth of learning” **Copy everything without a red X

2 What was the Renaissance?
Period following the middle ages ( ) “Rebirth” of classical Greece and Rome Began in Italy Moved to northern Europe

3 Causes of the Renaissance
Lessening of feudalism Church disrespected (losses stronghold) Nobility in chaos Growth of Middle Class through trade Fall of Constantinople (to Turks) Greek scholars fled to Italy Education Nostalgia among the Italians to recapture the glory of the Roman empire

4 The Silk Road Reopens After Black Death Europe begins to recover
Mongols took over China in 1200s making the Silk Road safe again Marco Polo saw amazing things-paper money-helped trade Kublai Khan

5 By the 1300s four northern Italian cities had become trading centers
Florence (cloth) Milan (weapons and silk) Venice  Main port city (glass) Genoa  Main port city Merchant ships brought luxuries from Asia to these harbors—then traded with all of Europe Some merchant families become incredibly wealthy and this wealth led to the Reinaissance!

6 Medici family of bankers in Florence were wealthy and gained political power. Cosimo de/ Medici wanted Florence to be the most beautiful city in the world (also valued education). The Renaissance was born. They studied poetry, history, art, and the Greek and Latin languages.

7 Humanism This led to humanism, a way of thinking and learning that stresses the importance of human abilities and actions. Pursuit of individualism Recognition that humans are creative Appreciation of art as a product of man Life could be enjoyable Love of the classical past (works by Greek thinkers)—many found in monasteries WHY?

8 Italian Background Major city centers
Venice: Republic ruled by oligarchy, Byzantine origins Milan: Visconti and Sforza families Florence (Tuscany): Republic ruled by the Medici Papal States: Ruled by the Pope—Vatican City

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