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What do you know about the Renaissance?

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1 What do you know about the Renaissance?
Do Now: What do you know about the Renaissance?



4 Contrast to grimness of the Middle Ages
Plagues Wars Spend life preparing for the afterlife Decreased power of the church

5 A Visual Metaphor of the Renaissance

6 Objectives During the middle ages During the Renaissance Find God
Prove pre-conceived ideas During the Renaissance Find man Promote learning Man loves himself again

7 What was the Renaissance?
Period following the middle ages “Rebirth” of classical Greece and Rome 1st period to name itself and say bad things about earlier times (Dark Ages) NAMES FOR ARTISITS Began in Italy Moved to northern Europe


9 Major Italian Cities Adriatic Sea Tyrrhenian Sea Venice Milan Genoa
. Many independent city-states emerged in northern and central Italy that played an important role in Italian politics and art. Milan One of the richest cities, it controls trade through the Alps. Milan Venice Venice Sitting on the Adriatic, it attracts trade from all over the world. Genoa Florence Florence Controlled by the De Medici Family, who became great patrons of the arts (AKA Bored Rich people) Adriatic Sea Genoa Had Access to Trade Routes Tyrrhenian Sea Had access to trade routes connecting Europe with Middle Eastern markets Competition with each other • Served as trading centers for the distribution of goods to northern Europe • Were initially independent city-states governed as republics

10 Influence of City States
Growth of the Trade and Commerce Influence of City States Trade = Wealth Crusades connect with Muslims Rich Families Support Arts Muslims introduce new ideas Cities and Merchants grow Beginning of the Renaissance in Europe Tried to improve on old things “Humanities” in Education Greece and Rome Change ideas about government, religion, social class The Growth of Humanism

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