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-the transition from medieval times to the early modern world

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1 -the transition from medieval times to the early modern world
The Renaissance -the transition from medieval times to the early modern world

2 What was the Renaissance?
A time of creativity and great changes in many areas, including: Political change Social change Economic change Cultural change

3 The Renaissance was a time of renewal
Renaissance means rebirth Europe was recovering from the Dark ages and the plague People lost their faith in the church and began putting more focus and emphasis on human beings.

4 Why Italy? Renaissance thinkers had an interest in ancient Rome
Italy’s location supported trade Trade made Italian merchants wealthy These wealthy merchants became patrons of their cities

5 Major Italian Cities Milan: one of the richest cities in Europe,
it controls trade through the Alps. Venice: Sitting on the Adriatic Sea, it Attracts trade from all over the world. Florence: controlled by the deMedici family, Who became great patrons of the arts. Genoa: had access to trade routes Milan Venice Genoa Florence

6 All of these cities: 1. Had access to trade routes connecting Europe with Middle Eastern markets 2. Served as trading centers for the distribution of goods to northern Europe

7 Italian Trade Routes

8 Italian city-states Each city-state was controlled be a powerful family Each city state was dominated by a wealthy and powerful merchant class Wealthy merchants were political and economic leaders Wealthy merchants emphasized the importance of art and personal achievement

9 Medici family Ruled Florence
Among the richest merchants and bankers in Europe Cosimo deMedici- gained control of Florence in 1434

10 Lorenzo the Magnificent
Cosimo’s grandson Clever politician Kept Florence flourishing Patron of the arts Invited poets and artists to the Medici palace

11 Florence Medici family wealth transformed Florence
Symbolized the energy and brilliance of the Renaissance Produced a number of poets, artists, architects, scholars, and scientists

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