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Illinois Trial Team 2012-2013 Informational Meeting.

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1 Illinois Trial Team 2012-2013 Informational Meeting

2 Who are we? A competitive mock trial team We get one case, and develop a prosecution and defense team We call our own witnesses

3 How does our team run? 2 seasons No experience necessary All majors! Tournaments in Iowa, Indiana, St. Louis, Chicago, Ohio

4 How long is the season? Invitiational Season Now – October Regular Season October – Feb./March Nationals – April

5 What is the Invitational Season? Randomly assigned teams Mix of skill levels, experience Compete in St. Louis October 20-21 Invitational Captains- look for these faces at try-outs!

6 How is the regular season run? 3 teams divided based on performance, skill level, experience –Blue (most experienced) –Orange –Bears (least experienced) Equally competitive

7 Whats the level of commitment? Two practices per week (3 hours each) Extra practices when necessary 4-5 tournaments per year (weekends) Dues

8 Why do mock trial? Want to go to law school? Gain legal experience Gain 3 credit hours Our blue team goes to Vegas Meet new people, make new friends

9 CONNECTIONS. Want a job?

10 We have fun!

11 Try-Outs Next Week –Tuesday, September 4th –Wednesday, September 5th –Thursday, September 6 th –Friday, September 7 th Find the try-out packet online at

12 Try-Outs TWO PARTS! 1. cross examination of a witness in the case 2. witness portrayal or monologue This building, Room K Examples on website:

13 What is a cross examination? Try to bring out facts that hurt the other sides case. Ask yes or no questions. Control your witness. More examples on our website,

14 How do I portray a witness? Get in to character. Know your affidavit. Make stuff up!

15 Monologue? Examples in try-out packet. 30-45 second monologue…maybe a minute? Be funny, serious, sad, crazy, foreign, strange… Be likeable!

16 What are we looking for? Two main roles –Attorneys –Witnesses Not restricted to one Know accents? Are you funny? Are you bilingual? Show us at try-outs!

17 Clinics If you have any questions about try-outs, come to a clinic! August 31 st at 5:30 pm, Room H September 3 rd at 5:30 pm, Room H Meet with a current mocker for 5ish minutes.

18 Bring this sheet to your try-out!

19 Questions? Alison Anderson (President) – Kelsey Chetosky (Vice-President External, Invitational Captain) – Katy Karayannis (Treasurer, Invitational Captain) – Meghan Bishop (Secretary, Invitational Captain) – Marley Nelson (Head Coach) – Look for these faces at try-outs and the clinics!

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