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Falcon Virtual Academy 12-13 Training. A Penny for your Thoughts… –) Please get out one coin. –2) When it is your turn, please introduce yourself and.

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1 Falcon Virtual Academy 12-13 Training

2 A Penny for your Thoughts… –) Please get out one coin. –2) When it is your turn, please introduce yourself and read aloud the date of your coin. –3) Also share something you remember from that particular year or decade. It can be something happened to you, your family, or in the news. –(If you were not born yet, pick a year of your choice!

3 FVA Teachers Ms. Murray Mrs. Newman Mrs. Hall Mrs. Kearns Mrs. Wichman

4 RTI Teacher Mrs. Goad Is the RTI, ESL and Gifted and Talented Coordinator Organizes required district, placement and learning tests Identifies interventions for students

5 Special Education Teacher Mrs. Isakson Is the only special education teacher at FVA right now. Will try to coordinate her service time and accommodate requests as much as possible. Supporting students needs come in many different ways. Any questions or concerns regarding special education please contact her.

6 Agenda Part 1: OLS Overview Part 2: Calendar FVA Teachers tasks Response to Intervention and SPED teacher tasks Learning Coach tasks Part 3: Blended In-Person Classes In-Person Tutoring Online Class Connects and Tutoring Extra Programs Work Samples Testing Requirements Report Cards Progress and Attendance Requirements

7 Calendar We follow the District 49 Calendar Vacation Day guidelines Field Trips and Testing is already scheduled Your Calendar and Notifications

8 Homeroom Teachers Your first point of contact 24 hour turn around time Kmail and phone preferred Expect delays Tuesday and Wednesday Not available during FVA breaks Keeps your family in her class from K-8 grade

9 Learning Coach Tasks Respond within 24 hours to calls and kmails from FVA staff Mark attendance daily Set up a schedule for your student Have your student log into their own account to school (grades 2-8). Check progress and mastery of lessons Notify teacher of any none schooling days Make sure student meets all deadlines for testing, schooling, work samples etc. Over communicate with your teachers!

10 Questions and Break Time

11 Blended In Person Classes Sign up for class each semester with a semester commitment First semester class starts September 4th Small supply list will be included with the sign-up link Class is every Tuesday from 9:00-12:45 Students will sign-in and sign-out. There will be a structured plan for this. Classes are no more than 20 students of mixed grade level. Send a snack and water bottle

12 A look at Blended Learning Theme: Colorado History 9:00-9:15: Warm-Up Activity 9:15-12:35: Class Rotations Mrs. Wichman: K-8 Art Mrs. Hall: K-8 Writing Mrs. Newman: K-8 Reading Mrs. KeransK-8 Science Ms. MurrayK-8 Math Mrs. GoadK-8 Project Based 12:35-12:45: Wrap-Up Activity

13 In Person Tutoring Individual tutoring is every Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 PM-3:00 PM by invitation Small Group Tutoring is every Wednesday from 10:00 AM-2:15 PM. Tutoring begins September 4, 2012. More information will come via kmail

14 A Look at Tutoring on Wednesdays 9:00-10:00: K-8 Keyboarding Class (Mrs. Goad) Right Choices Class (Mrs. Isakson) 10:00-10:45: K-5 Writing (Newman/Hall) Math Orange, Purple, Yellow, Red (Kearns/Murray) 6-8 Note Taking Class (Mrs. Goad) 10:45-11:30:K-5 Reading (Newman/Hall) Fund. of Geo. And Alg. & Pre-Algebra(Kearns/Murray) 11:30-12:00:LUNCH (Supervision will be provided) 12:00-12:45:6-8 Reading (Newman/Hall) Math Orange, Purple, Yellow, Red (Kearns/Murray) 12:45-1:30:6-8 Writing (Newman/Hall) Fund. Of Geo. And Alg. & Pre-Algebra (Kearns/Murray) 1:30-2:15:Open for Individual Tutoring 11:30-12

15 On-Line Classes On-line classes will be offered Mondays and Fridays. On-line class plan is coming soon! Look for more in September!

16 Extra Programs Reading Eggs (K-2) & Reading Eggspress (2-6) Log in will be available to you on August 21. Available for ALL FVA Students! Reading Plus Students will be invited to this extra reading program. It is for high and low readers. Study Island Tied to your OLS, a great program to practice all skills!

17 Work Samples Keep hard copies of work for at least one semester. You and the OLS grades everything We will ask for samples occasionally. Plan on a writing sample in early October.

18 Testing Scantron Testing three times a year (Math and Reading grades 3-8) DIBELS testing (Reading test for grades K- 5) CSAP testing in March (Grades 3-8) *3 rd Grade has one day end of February

19 Report Cards Work Cards have been based on progress in the past. We are working on a new system and are looking at online portfolios or common core based report cards. Reports will be given in early January and end of May.

20 Questions?

21 Everyone has their own way! We all learn differently! Embrace your differences and have fun with this learning experience! Thanks for joining us today! We will kmail you a website to visit to review the information presented and this power point will be available there. Leaving you with this video…

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