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Courtroom in the Classroom

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1 Courtroom in the Classroom

2 Discussion of Trials What law programs have you seen in the movies or on TV? Who are the participants in a courtroom? Lawyers, judge, jurors, witnesses, defendant, plaintiff or prosecutor, bailiff, police officers, clerk, court reporter, public

3 Roles in the Courtroom What does each person do in the courtroom?
Why is each person important in the courtroom?

4 Steps in a Trial Opening of the Court Swearing in the Jury Opening Statement by the Plaintiff’s Attorney or the Prosecutor Opening Statement by the Defendant’s Attorney Prosecution’s Direct Examination of their witnesses Defense’s Cross-examination of the Prosecution’s witnesses Defense’s Direct Examination of their witnesses Prosecution’s cross-examination of the defense’s witnesses Prosecution and Defense Closing Arguments Judges instructions to the jury Jury Deliberations & Verdict We will have a quiz over these on Monday (A, B & C Periods) and on Wednesday for (D & E Periods)

5 Selection of Case State of Florida v Alli McGraw Marijuana was found in Alli’s purse and she claims that she did not put it there. State of Florida v Jesse Sunderson - Firecrackers exploded in a school locker and Jesse has been charged. He denies the allegations.

6 Selection of Roles 3 Prosecuting Attorneys 2 or 3 Defense Attorneys
1 Bailiff 3 witnesses for the prosecution 1 defendant 2 witnesses for the defense All others will be jurors – at least 5 needed

7 Directions for each Role
Attorneys – read the facts; divide up jobs (opening, objections, closing, direct of each of the 3 witnesses, cross of each of the 3 other witnesses) --- each attorney should do 3 of the tasks listed Witnesses – read and re-read over your statements; work with lawyers from your side to help prepare for questioning; you can improvise any details that are not contained in your statement (which can NOT be altered) Bailiff – review the procedure for the oath; fill in the blanks of the Mock Trial Procedure handout for the Judge Jurors- imagine who you will be in 20 years and complete the Juror Biography form

8 What’s Next? Work with your side – rest of day 1 and all of day 2
All questions and objections due at the beginning of the period on day 3 Day 3 – Guest Speaker: final touches on “roles” & Voir Dire Day 4 – Courthouse Tour & Mock Trial

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