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3 UNIT 1: BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS & MANAGEMENT Nature & Objectives of Business Objectives, Stakeholders & the External Environment Organizational Planning & Decision Making Growth & the Impact of Globalization Change & the Management of Change

4 UNIT 2: HUMAN RESOURCES Human Resource Planning Organizational Structure & Communication Leadership & Management Motivation Corporate Culture & Employer Employee Relations

5 UNIT 3: ACCOUNTS & FINANCE Sources of Finance Management Accounting Financial Accounts & Ratio Analysis

6 UNIT 4: MARKETING Role of Marketing Marketing Planning

7 UNIT 5: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Production Methods Costs, Revenue & Break Even Analysis Quality Assurance Location Innovation Production Planning Project Management

8 INTERNAL ECA ASSESSMENT Homework Tasks (1 major task every 2 weeks) (Weight 4) Weekly or Fortnightly Micro Exams (A short exam about 15 to 20 minutes on core theories every week or 2 weeks. Weight 4) Company Simulation Project & Trade Fair (A group assignment over 3 months, weight 15) End of Quarter Exams (90 mins, weight 20) End of Semester Exams (2 hrs, weight 40)

9 EXTERNAL IB ASSESSMENT Written Commentary Written Commentary You choose any company and investigate a business problem or opportunity and provide solutions & recommendations to management. Length: 1500 words Weight: 25% of your total IB business grade. Due Date: First week of February 2012.

10 EXTERNAL IB ASSESSMENT Paper 1:Exam based on set Case Study Time: 1 hour & 15 minutes Weight:35% of your total IB business grade. Date:May 2012 Exam Schedule What to Study? A prescribed IB case study is released 2 months prior to the examination. Preparation involves knowing all aspects of the case study prior to the exam.

11 EXTERNAL IB ASSESSMENT Paper 2: Data & Short Response Articles Time:1 hour & 45 minutes Weight:40% of your total IB business grade. Date:May 2012 Exam Schedule What to Study? All aspects of the course, with stronger emphasis on financial calculations for the first part of the exam.

12 HOMEWORK POLICY Homework is a very important part of the Business & Management Course. The slides which follow answer many questions regarding homework in Business & Management.

13 What type of activities/exercises will I have to complete for homework? Your first homework task will involve reading 3 articles from business magazines with associated questions & activities Some of these questions require extended responses and research. Other homework tasks will my involve essay writing and or business calculations.

14 How long will I have to do my homework? In most cases, you will normally have about 10 days (nearly 2 weeks) to complete each major homework task. As you have considerable time to do your homework, there is no excuse for late submission Important Advice: Start your homework early – do not try to complete all your business homework the night before submission. It is not designed to be a one night activity, but rather there is work for several nights – the quality of the answers is important, especially with research questions. Do not use wikipedia!

15 What criteria are assessed with homework tasks & what is the weight? Most homework tasks will involve 3 criteria:  Mastery of Key Facts & Concepts  Analysis of Key Facts & Concepts  Research Skills Each criteria is marked from 2 (F) to 7 (A+) using the IB grading scheme. Each criteria is weighted at 4 on the ECA reporting system.

16 When is homework due? Homework is normally due on a Friday by 4:00pm or occasionally Thursday 4:00pm, when Friday is a holiday. Note, that you may not have a business class on the day the homework is due, but this is no excuse for late submission. A complete list of Semester 1 dates is provided in the next slide.

17 Major Homework Tasks: Semester 1 Dates Homework Task 1: Friday 26th August 2011 Homework Task 2: Thursday 8th September 2011 Homework Task 3: Friday 23rd September 2011 Homework Task 4: Thursday 6th October 2011 Homework Task 5: Friday 21st October 2011 Homework Task 6: Friday 4th November 2011 Homework Task 7: Friday 18th November 2011 Homework Task 8: Friday 2nd December 2011

18 How do I submit your homework? Electronic & Paper Copy If you have a business class on the day the homework is due it is obviously desirable to submit this in class. However, if you do not have a class on the day the homework is due, please ensure that it reaches my desk by 4:00pm on the relevant Friday or Thursday it is due to avoid penalties. In addition to providing a paper copy, you must also email your homework to: Please do not send homework to my ECA email address. There is insufficient storage capacity.

19 How do I get the Homework Tasks For the first tasks, paper copies will be provided. An email distribution list will be created for this class, so homework will generally be emailed to you personal email address. In addition, homework task sheets (including articles/questions) will also be available on my wikipage. At my homepage click on the relevant link for business homework.

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