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[Pacing, smoking, drinking] Inspector, I swear… Mrs. Corban, what was sidney doing here? [duo with elizabeth] he was delivering brunch for our anniversary.

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Presentation on theme: "[Pacing, smoking, drinking] Inspector, I swear… Mrs. Corban, what was sidney doing here? [duo with elizabeth] he was delivering brunch for our anniversary."— Presentation transcript:

1 [Pacing, smoking, drinking] Inspector, I swear… Mrs. Corban, what was sidney doing here? [duo with elizabeth] he was delivering brunch for our anniversary.

2 […elizabeth] then I heard sidney call for help. What.... Found danny screaming and threatening sidney with a knife. Im not going to stand here and listen to these lies. [father] terrible mistake. We didnt realize how sick this man is. He should have been committed long ago.

3 Youve listened to them. Will you listen to me? Ive been listening to you, and look at the results! Levine, sidney saw my real wife the night we arrived. He remembered she was a redhead… A red head, levine, a red head. He saw her again five days ago when she ordered the brunch…. This was the break we were looking for. Thats why they killed him… they killed my witness! [Id better get him a tranquilizer] no!

4 You would have believe him. You would have believed your friend. Youre right. I would have believed sidney. Levine, why would I kill my own witness, my only hope? Recognized this woman, as you say, I would have believed him. Then why did I telephone you? Why? Why? How do I know why? Ask your psychiatrist, maybe he has the answer.

5 I have no psychiatrist! Theres nothing wrong with me! Im not crazy! [large gap – ep comes in.]

6 [levine] take it easy mister. E.P.! I told you to stay in there! Ep, youre beautiful. Youre the u.s. calvary! The united states marines! I love you! separates us] corban, who is this. Levine, this is my boss. This is everett parker jr. Meet inspector levine?

7 [parker and levine] … wisecracks. This is a serious matter, mr. parker Go ahead, levine, ask him! Ask him! [levine and parker] danny, touch base with me. What have you been up to? Nothing ep. Absolutely nothing! But you wouldnt believe the spot Im in… Youve arrive just in time to save my neck. Theyre out to nail me. [levine] licence. It doesnt prove anything [parker] what!

8 Come on, levine. Lets wrap this up. Trot her out. [levine] well, mr. parker, what do you say? Go on ep. Tell him! [confirms. Elizabeth] thank you e.p. Hey, e.p.! … they have every right to be here.

9 E.p. Why? Always glad to help out an old buddy. Help me? Why, you miserable buffoon, you just helped me to the chair… Levine, hes lying. Crazy? ] maybe he has] … pleasant weekend with my… with my wife and Hes lying! Thats not his wife!

10 Levine] maybe thats not my wife… I should be that lucky. Dont you see whats happened, levine? When parker said she was my wife he thought he was… Covering up for me the way he expects me to cover… For him for her who he says is his wife but she isnt [parker leaving,, levine].. Lunch. Hell be out by the time you return. Ill talk to you later. E.p.! Dont go, please!

11 …lousing up my weekend. I wont forget it. Levine, arrest him! Inspector, I think he needs a needle to calm him down. No needles! Nobodys giving me a needle! The only thing that helped him last time was electric shock. No, no!

12 Thanks for your advice. Hell get whatever he needs. Levine, for the love of god, before you throw me to the wolves, just two minutes alone, please! No. Levine. I overheard you last night. I dont want you to calm me down or humor me… Just listen to me two minutes. Father, mrs, excuse me. Two minutes.

13 Levine, parker thought he was helping me. He saw a priest here and figured I was in a jam…. He knew she isnt my wife. … why the hell isnt she worried about the real elizabeth showing up? Thats just it levine. You planted a thought last night, and Ive been trying to …. Push it out of my mind, but it keeps coming back, about insurance… Maybe elizabeth is working with them.

14 Kidding. Her inheritance makes your insurance look like petty cash. But elizabeth doesnt know about the inheritance. She never saw the letter. … set up for a double cross… your wife will be on the missing list, forever. Oh no! if that happens, were finished. Not we, you…. Youre worse shape than before. Sidney made you a murderer Im not!

15 … parker turned you into a raving lunatic Levine, what happens to me now? [phone] … did he react at all? Ill be down in a flash. What happened? Operated on sidney. What?

16 Shut up corban… not a word from you Sidneys alive? Just about. But hes alive. Has he said anything? … few words, then coma. Im gonna tear over to the hospital. Levine, he knows the truth. Please call me the minute he talks.

17 Yeah – yeah. Wait! You said sidney spoke a few words. Did they tell you what he said? Yeah, yeah, they told me. What did he say? [watching store? – elizabeth] wheres the inspector? Uh, that bracelet business again. He had to run out.

18 … these are probably the last sidney specials in existence. You cant keep up an act like this forever. One mistake and youre caught. … its all been worked out on a punch card. Somewhere, somehow.. Youll overlook something. … you didnt tell us your boss was coming up here this weekend. Levine isnt through with him yet.

19 Nor us. Tell me, is his wife very jealous? You cant blackmail him. E.P. will tell the truth. … holiday driving can be dangerous. Oh, no! Labour day statistics, whats one or two more digits? Where do you stop?

20 Game over danny, when we win all the marbles… but that wont happen until you lose all of yours. But dont forget levine, youre playing against levine, and hes no idiot. … picks up the hints we toss his way. Youre wrong, youre wrong. Theres the unexpected. Something you cant… Feed into a computer. The unexpected.

21 You mean sidney? What, what about sidney?.. Theres an extension phone in the kitchen. Kelleher! Wheres kelleher! Where is he? … he left a few minutes before levine did. No… no!

22 Hello? No. Oh, really? … Ill give him the message. Thats levine – let me talk to him! … but hell be back soon. Sidney is Okay! Sidney has talked! Sidney has told the truth! End act three scene 1

23 [elizabeth] … I can almost taste that money now. Begin scene 2 – sitting on bench

24 No ones taking me away. Im not leaving this house. Do you hear me? Darling, the honeymoon is over. I wont go. [theyre scaring me with their plans] And now you know the how. Buzzy, pack some of his things. I knew it. I knew it. I knew that was your plan all along. Ill tell levine. Levine has… Got to believe me. Sidney must have said something before he died.

25 … saturation point. Besides, he never did believe your fantastic stories. Nobodys budging me from here. Not levine, not the whole catskill police force. … violent ward… but dont worry, well see that you do. You wont. You cant. … get it over with fast. Levine will be here any minute. No! You cant… If Im dead, hell know you did it.

26 … hold him buzzy. Keep away! Keep away, Im warning you... Blanks in that gun. You know that. Theyre not blanks. Theyre real bullets. Levine reloaded the gun just before he left. Sure danny. Sure he did. Dont come any closer!

27 Oh my god! You wouldnt believe me! I told you… I warned you. Now you have two strikes against you. I tried to warn you… I told you. Two murders in one day… youll make the olympic team. It was self defense. You know it! You were going to poison me!

28 … what an imagination you have. [car approaching] Levine! … daniel corban, did you shoot father kelleher? Yes, but. … youve had a busy day, little man. Levine, they were going to poison me. I had to stop him. She, that monster, she had a vial of nicotine.

29 Nicotine? They said you wouldnt be able to detect it, because Im a heavy smoker… I had to do it. He was coming at me. … then I learned that an unknown man in a white coat had been seen outside sidneys room. That was kelleher! That was the man in the white coat. Levine, he left the house before you did! [elizabeth] thats right. He went to visit a patient.

30 He killed sidney! … nicotine! How could you have known, unless maybe you were telling the truth. I was, levine, I told you. They want to kill me. In a mental hospital…. Make it look like a suicide! If only there were some way I could convince you. … it can help verify statements made in 90% of the cases like this. You, you want me to take this test?

31 Thats the idea. How about it? Of course. Gladly. Gladly. … and my husband is already a sick man. Shes afraid levine! I demand that injection. I demand it. [protest from liz] … shots from me than the enemy. Ready, corban? Im ready.

32 [phone call, struggle]. Confessed she stole it herself. Now well find out the truth about this. The truth is on the point of this needle! Nicotine, Levine! While you were on the phone… She dipped it in the poison. What? You can check it! Weve got her, levine. Weve won! Thank God! …. No more lies, no more tricks, no more frustrations.

33 .. Your friendly catskill cop. Me! What? Oh my god! The police inspector himself. You! You arranged everything…. The alibis, the phone calls. Everything to drive me crazy. And your official position you could get away with murder. And I was trying to convince you that she wasnt my wife! Elizabeth. Where is my wife? You werent afraid of elizabeth coming back, because she cant. Shes dead! Shes dead, isnt she? How can you prove it?

34 You wont get away with this. Ill call the district attorney. … what would you tell him? That levine is a crook? And a murderer! … with the corny jokes. What makes you think hes gonna believe you? The pieces fit. Youre the hotshot expert on insurance cases… Your original plan was to collect my insurance. Then along came that letter…

35 Elizabeths inheritance. The kitty suddenly became a giant jackpot. Nothing could stand… In your way then. Sidney knew about my wife, so you killed him. [you killed sidney] I was a witness. That frame wont work. Youre forgetting. Sidney didnt die from a knife wound… He was killed by poison, and you and your buddy were the only ones who had… Access to his room at the hospital. Another piece that fits.

36 I suppose we killed father kelleher too? No, I killed him, but that was self defense. I can prove that, and, somehow, Ill prove you murdered elizabeth, too. … theres no body. How can you accuse us of murder? Theyll find the body, levine. Theyll search for her. Theyll find her. [calls bravin]… all right stupid, youre on. Hello? Mr. Bravin, you are the district attorney for sullivan county?...

37 Please listen to what I have to say. First, Im not crazy. Thats what they want you to think… Mr bravin, my wife elizabeth will not be found alive. Shes dead. Murdered by these people. The phony mrs. Corban… And levine. Hes running the whole show. Yes! Thats what I don mean! Levine and his pals… Murdered y wife! Hey, now wait a minut mr. Bravin. Im not crazy! You said you would… wait! Dont hang up mr. Bravin! … put you in a nutshell right now. Here - Mr. Bravin, he wants you to think that Im insane. Thats why hes letting me talk to you.

38 I know its wild, but look. They bring this woman to pose as my wife… They plan to kill me to collect the insurance, and my wifes inheritance, too... Thats why they killled elizabeth. I know shes dead. Mr. Bravin, they had to kill her Otherwise, the whole plan would fall apart. Proof of her death! I dont know. Im mixed up. Let me think. … theres no body! no body! Yes there is! There is! Elizabeth is dead. There is a body.

39 Where? Shes in my car! Off mountain view road. The sharp curve! [levine explains] were just leaving, mr. parker. You stupid, sex mani… [end]

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