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Inanimate Alice Click on the arrows to proceed and need full sound turned on.

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2 Inanimate Alice Click on the arrows to proceed and need full sound turned on.

3 My name is Alice I’m 13 years old

4 I got back from Russia I’m in Saudi Arabia And at home with Ayisha

5 I’m playing on my player. I put a new puzzle on it. Ba-xi

6 Click on it to change it



9 congratulations!

10 My house

11 Ming has done a new painting.

12 My dad is at work collecting oil.

13 My dad comes home for some reason rushing through the door in a panic..

14 He says that the kidnappers from Russia are coming. I think they’re after my player again I think to myself we have to hide quickly.

15 I look for somewhere to hide but there are too many open areas.

16 Then it was too late. They were here then Silence........

17 I am scared I didn’t know where everyone was they left me with nowhere to hide.

18 I saw somewhere to hide I quickly went there without a sound.

19 As soon as I got there they came in the door. I look behind me it is my mum she is shaking a lot.

20 I knew she was scared I also think that she was too scared to talk.

21 I think she didn’t say anything to warn me about where to hide because she didn’t want the kidnappers to hear her and find me.

22 We keep hiding they go into the next room I gasp for air. “What was that” oh no they heard me I take another big breath..

23 They come back eventually they leave. they go out the door I wait a few seconds then I gasp for air I thought I was going to get caught.

24 We get out of our hiding spot then I ask mum if she is alright she says “I’m ok.”

25 We check on every one they say they are also alright and we check if there coming back.

26 I was alright in behind the cupboard because I was use to being in the cupboard from Russia.

27 Are they there I say to dad he says that “they are gone but I think they are coming back later.”

28 I see if my players is in my pocket. It is and I look at Brad.

29 “They’re coming back” my dad says I hide where I hid last time. At least I know where to hide this time I thought to myself.

30 I hold my breath they walk past remembering not to let my air out yet. They are in the next room now so I get some air looking to see if they are there.

31 I hear screaming and it’s coming from Ayisha. I think they must have found her and I see them taking her out of the building.

32 I’m so sad that I start to cry. I thought that I should have been taken instead of Ayisha I look at everyone else they have water in their eyes to. Then I walk out the door John said “you can’t go Alice it’s to dangerous out there. ”

33 I keep walking I go out the door to look for Ayisha.

34 I start to look everywhere inside buildings in little caves and all but I can’t find her no matter where I look. I look up down side to side but I still can’t find her.

35 It’s getting late so I go back home well I would If I knew where that was. I’m lost in Saudi Arabia I start to walk back the way I came I find my house but I going to be in big trouble when I walk through the door.

36 I walk though and I say “Mum, Dad I’m home.” There’s no answer I call again “Mum, Dad I’m home.” I start to think that the kidnappers got them then I look in my hiding spot no ones there I look everywhere in the house but I still can’t find them. I look at brad

37 He looks at me trying to reassure me then I hear him in my head. “Look for your parents they are in the next alley.” I go to the next alley I see Ayisha, Mum and Dad I creep through the window being sure that I won’t be seen I check if anybody’s there. I wait a few seconds then I go when nobody’s there I put my finger to my mouth to tell them to be quiet they do what I tell them to do.

38 I untie them then we get out of there without being seen. We hear something then we hide we chose to hide behind some crates they see that Dad, Mum and Ayisha have gone and they start to look for them they look everywhere. we keep hiding. we hear him speaking into his walkie talkie.... “search everywhere the hostages have escaped.”

39 We keep hiding and then they leave. “what did they do to you?” “They were interrogating us to find out where you were.” “We never told them anything” my Dad interrupted.

40 We climbed out the window.

41 We go home.

42 We go to leave Saudi Arabia.

43 We go to the airport and we go somewhere that’s not here..

44 We are on the plane again leaving somewhere without a clue where we are going.

45 By Jack and Matty Thanks for watching

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