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Twitter Is More Useful Than You Might Think with LAUREN DUGAN Editor and analyst,

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1 Twitter Is More Useful Than You Might Think with LAUREN DUGAN Editor and analyst,

2 Why use Twitter? Some Stats Tweets 3 years, 2 months and 1 day. The time it took from the first Tweet to the billionth Tweet. 1 week. The time it now takes for users to send a billion Tweets 6,939. Current TPS record, set 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Years Day. Accounts 460,000. Average number of new accounts per day over the last month. 182%. Increase in number of mobile users over the past year. Source: The Twitter Blog (

3 Why use Twitter? Business vs. Personal It isnt enough to have one or the other – Twitter blurs the line Business accounts often features headshots, personal accounts are tied to a business blog You must be comfortable sharing some (not all) of who you are as a person on your business Twitter account But avoid oversharing – keep it professionals

4 Why use Twitter? 7 Ways Business Can Get the Most from 140 Characters Branding and visibility Customer support Customer outreach/feedback Networking Internal communication Lead generation To support other online presences

5 Twitter Basics: Targeting your Profile Bio pic – logo or headshot? Bio – target the right audience Include your interests, and why you are on Twitter Prioritize Keywords Include a link to your company website, blog, LinkedIn etc. No more than one

6 Twitter Basics: Finding Accounts to Follow Follow accounts that are in your niche Search for keywords related to your niche Use tools Twollo (free complimentary 2 keyword account) Who Follows Whom Just Tweet It Listorious Use Twitters Who to Follow!/who_to_follow Participate in #FollowFriday

7 Twitter Basics: What to Tweet Ideas Value Engagement Interaction Opinion Questions Hashtags

8 Twitter Basics: How Often and When to Tweet No one-size-fits-all solution More than once per day, at least Dont be afraid of trial and error Make sure you monitor your efforts Tweet Effect ChirpStats monitor your @mentions Tweet when your audience is listening Timely TweetStats Repeating tweets is OK – sort of

9 Twitter Basics: Common Mistakes Leaving your account dormant Not engaging your audience No personality Too much personality Tweeting too close together

10 Advanced Tweeting: Your Tweet Schedule What is a Tweet Schedule? Pre-written, staggered, evergreen Offer useful information not restricted by time or place Why use a Tweet Schedule? Helps keep your Twitter message targeted Keeps Twitter account active with little maintenance How to Set up a Tweet Schedule Use a dashboard like HootSuite Write 10-20 tweets at a time, targeted Dont schedule them too close together Intersperse them with your real-time tweets

11 Advanced Tweeting: Monitoring the Conversation Monitoring Twitter is just as important as using it How to Monitor Twitter: Define your keywords Make a schedule Find the right tools Follow the re-tweets Add + to the end of any link to see its retweet stats Wash, rinse, repeat!

12 Advanced Tweeting: Monitoring the Competition Use a Twitter dashboard/management tool Follow the competition – shhh! Find out what people are saying about the competition Search for their @username Search for related keywords Who is the competition following? Whos following them?

13 Advanced Tweeting: Using Hashtags Hashtags form the core of conversations on Twitter Get to know your hashtags Explore Trending Topics Use Hashtags organize your tweets Hashtags target your audience Hashtags get you more retweets Following hashtags TweetChat Hashtag chats – get to know the ones in your niche

14 Twitter Tools and Resources Twollo Who Follows Whom Just Tweet It Listorious Tweet Effect ChirpStats TweetStats Friend or Follow What the Trend TweetChat

15 Articles 7 Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter twitter_b3994 twitter_b3994 Setting up a Business Account know-about-setting-up-a-business-twitter-account_b580 know-about-setting-up-a-business-twitter-account_b580 3 Tips for Writing a Killer Twitter Bio to get Targeted Followers twitter-bio-to-get-targeted-followers_b133 twitter-bio-to-get-targeted-followers_b133 Advanced HootSuite Techniques techniques-scheduling-monitoring-and-managing-with- hootsuite_b2694 techniques-scheduling-monitoring-and-managing-with- hootsuite_b2694 25 Interesting Things You Can Tweet (Besides Blog Posts and Retweets) can-tweet-besides-blog-posts-and-retweets_b3459 can-tweet-besides-blog-posts-and-retweets_b3459

16 Articles Why You Need to Create a Tweet Schedule Now create-a-tweet-schedule-now_b1514 create-a-tweet-schedule-now_b1514 How to Monitor Twitter twitter-for-businesses-of-all-sizes_b136 twitter-for-businesses-of-all-sizes_b136 Use Twitter to Spy on the Competition to-spy-on-the-competition_b1807 to-spy-on-the-competition_b1807 Why Use Hashtags hashtags_b2571 hashtags_b2571 5 Useful Tools to Monitor Hashtags monitor-twitter-hashtags_b977 monitor-twitter-hashtags_b977

17 Articles How to Join a Hashtag Chat twitter-hashtag-chat_b1650 twitter-hashtag-chat_b1650 15 Hashtag Chats should-be-following_b1646 should-be-following_b1646 6 More Hashtag Chats chats-you-should-be-following_b3633 chats-you-should-be-following_b3633

18 Questions?

19 Thanks for joining us!

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