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1 Community Platform Advisory Committee August 21, 2009.

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1 1 Community Platform Advisory Committee August 21, 2009

2 2 Agenda Community Strategy Platform Assessment Community Planning Implementation Roadmap

3 3 Community Strategy

4 4 Community Platform: AMA Benefits Provides a competitive point of difference Will serve to distinguish the AMA in the marketplace Fulfills an essential member need Providing members with an online platform to easily identify, connect with and maintain relationships is a critical value-added membership benefit Will fuel an increased likelihood of membership renewals/ become a key driver for attracting new members traffic will increase Social networking platforms result in persistent engagement from users leading to increased Web traffic for both the MOD site and general search engine rankings Overall site content will be deeper Adds a contextual level of content via community-based, real-world commentaries and experiences that cant be achieved otherwise. Real-time member feedback can be obtained Can easily gather real-time market intelligence from members and potential customers on their informational needs and wants

5 5 Community Platform: Member Benefits The online social networking platform addresses members shared goals: Enhanced learning and expertise Valuable dialog and response to questions Business development Career development Professional and personal validation Recognition as a subject matter expert Enhanced reputation and credibility

6 6 Community in the Virtual World My Profile About Me ME My Site My Content My Contacts About Others My Groups Group Content A B C D

7 7 What Can I Do in the Community? Create a profile Join a group Create a group Publish a post Rate content Comment on content Answer a poll question Search for people Search for content Create a blog Invite a friend Add a Wiki entry Follow the activity of a friend Subscribe to content Share content Earn recognition points Upload/download Content

8 8 Job Descriptions Analytic Software JMR Marketing Research Conference AMA Atlanta Finding a Job Fundraising Alternative Teaching Methods Research Panels

9 9 AMA Multi-Channel Community Plan AMA Community Platform (Basic social media tools and networking features) Other Social Networking Sites --Facebook --LinkedIn --Twitter Advanced Customized Community Applications Community strategy involves a multi-channel approach :

10 10 External Social Networking PARTICIPATION: Facebook: 1,480+ LinkedIn: 2,600+ Twitter: 3,760+ GOALS: Membership Lead Generation/Prospecting Brand Awareness Promotional Vehicle Feedback/Dialogue Channel GOALS: AMA Member Networking Membership Value AMA Loyalty Member Retention Member Segment/Niche Communication Increased Engagement Feedback/Dialogue Channel Internal Social Networking

11 11 AMA Community Platform – Success Indicators Social Media Survey (January 2009) Results (4,823 participants) indicate AMA members would welcome Community Platform 56.7% indicated they would be highly or somewhat likely to participate in an AMA online community. Forums/message boards (66.8%), groups (50%) and blogs (39%) were cited as most valuable features. More than a third (37%) of respondents utilize social networks for professional networking. The majority (69.7%) indicated social media tools/networking is very or somewhat important for their business and career. Nearly half of all respondents reveal they use social networks up to 1-3 times a week. Focus Group Research (November 2008) Qualitative feedback indicates strong interest in a Community Platform providing for deeper engagement with the marketing community, especially at the niche level. Strong interest in Community Platform concept, especially among marketer members Networking with subgroups of broad marketing audience primary benefit Ability to search both people and content cited as beneficial features Researcher participants expressed interest in AMA Wiki Customization of platform to meet AMA member segment needs perceived as important The AMA Community Platform would be valuable in forming Chapter connections

12 12 Current Adoption Behavior Current adoption behavior of various existing social networking tools indicate interest in and support of community features. Twitter 3,700+ followers in 3-month period Quality of followers: AMA Chapters and Industry Leaders (Oywang; Brogan; Kawasaki; Tony Hsieh) LinkedIN2,600 members; Facebook1,480 members Weekly Poll600-900 participants SIG Participation Recent promotion encouraging SIG members to network netted the following results: More than 320 posts A total of 650 click-throughs on thread discussion 120% increase in participation (Service, Healthcare and Internet) 75% increase participation (Nonprofit, B2B, Higher Ed and Branding) 60% increase in participation (Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy) AMA Chapter Community Learning Results of social networking efforts amidst AMA Chapters, such as the Boston chapter, indicate success in utilizing a Community Platform as a membership acquisition tool. Since launching in July 2008, AMA Bostons online community netted the following results: 21 Groups 832 Marketers 73 Discussions 114 Blog Posts Improved Member Conversion Cycle to 32 days Increased retention AMA Community Platform – Success Indicators

13 13 Platform Assessment

14 14 Community Platform Requirements Supports a broad menu of Social Media Tools User friendly platform Provides the ability to find and connect with community users Provides the ability to find and access content Enables content sharing (upload/download/store/email) Provides the ability to meet community needs of a segmented and broad-based audience Provides analytics and reporting (understand sentiment and interests)

15 15 Platform Evaluation Process Assessed and selected vendors Reviewed various industry position documents and reference materials assessing the community vendors, positioning, breath of offering, strength of organization and ability to deliver. Issued vendor RFP Assembled and obtained responses to a Request for Proposal addressing 15 topic areas and over 130 questions covering Company, Licensing, Product Roadmap, Data Migration, Features/Functionality, Technical Support, etc. Conducted vendor Interviews Conducted assessment interviews driven by the RFP, focusing on product capabilities, and technology fit. Conducted product demonstrations Road show of the various vendor product features and extension capabilities. Established product test sandbox Test drove product as a user and administrator. Performed technical assessment Reviewed technical architecture, code base and interfaces. Conducted product feature/customization capability review Detailed business and technical review of products out-of-box and customization capabilities, focused on business requirements.

16 16 Platform Fit Evaluated 4 Vendors (Lithium, Jive, Telligent, Microsoft SharePoint) Assessed Business Fit Time to Market Vendor Viability & Market Position Product Feature Support Groups, Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Profiles, Personalization Assessed Technical Fit Platform Compatibility Customization Capabilities Integration Capabilities Security Capabilities

17 17 Platform Assessment CriteriaLithiumJiveTelligentSharePoint Vendor Viability+++ +++ Time To Market++ ++++ Business Fit+++ +++ Technology Fit+++++ Customization+++++++ Personalization++++++ Security++ +++++ Cost++ ++++ Legend: + Good; ++ Better; +++ Best

18 18 SharePoint/Telligent Pros & Cons ProsProsCons/Tradeoffs SharePoint Microsoft strategic product Microsoft strategic product Greater flexibility and customization capabilities via.Net Greater flexibility and customization capabilities via.Net Ability to support business need through custom development Ability to support business need through custom development Large service and solution network Large service and solution network No #1 Software Product Vendor No #1 Software Product Vendor Builds on existing AMA product ( Builds on existing AMA product ( Known technology Known technology Higher development costs Higher development costs 3 year innovation cycle 3 year innovation cycle Not a external community platform product Not a external community platform product Longer development and break/fix cycles Longer development and break/fix cycles Small community customer base Small community customer base Telligent Marketplace Leader with Proven Technology Marketplace Leader with Proven Technology Built on and integrates with Microsoft technologies Built on and integrates with Microsoft technologies Microsoft Partner & Community Vendor Microsoft Partner & Community Vendor Large cummunity customer base 3000+ Large cummunity customer base 3000+ Profitable since inception with strong financial partners Profitable since inception with strong financial partners 60%+ out-of-box capabilities to meet business needs 60%+ out-of-box capabilities to meet business needs Quick innovation cycles (1yr) Quick innovation cycles (1yr) Market consolidation acquisition risk Market consolidation acquisition risk Limited ability to customize to AMA needs Limited ability to customize to AMA needs Proprietary technology – higher costs to migrate Proprietary technology – higher costs to migrate No internal or service partner experience with technology No internal or service partner experience with technology Constrained by vendor innovation priorities which may not align with the AMA Constrained by vendor innovation priorities which may not align with the AMA Higher contract service costs Higher contract service costs Limited service partner network Limited service partner network Higher cost for upgrades for testing customizations Higher cost for upgrades for testing customizations

19 19 Recommendation: Telligent Vendor Viability Top Analysts Pick (Forrester 2007 & 2009 Reports) 3000+ Clients Business Fit Proven Community Framework Extensive Community Features Rich Administration Facility Simple Interface Strong User Personalization Capability Technical Fit Flexible Platform Rich Integration and Security Model Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint MS Partner and Community Vendor Quick to market/most cost efficient 5 – 7 months to launch 60% - 70% Out of the Box Capability Customize 30-40% to AMA target audience needs

20 20 Community Planning

21 21 Community Phased-In Plan Phase IPhase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Customized Profiles My Site (personal community view) Bookmark/Store ContentIdea Exchange Public Community View Private and semi-private group discussion forums Colleague Invitations Career Resources (job descriptions/resume library) Public Community Discussion Forum Content SearchCommunity BadgesAcademic Data Repository Upload/Download Content Rate/Comment on Content Ask the Expert Related Colleagues Public Community Groups Sponsored/Advertising Models Public and Group CalendarResearch Competition Featured Community Members Tag Content Reward System Foundation (Phase 1 and 2) Advanced (Phase 3 and 4) The initial recommendation will deliver Phase 1 and 2 of the community vision

22 22 AMA Community Platform Deliverables AMA will cultivate community amongst its members via an online platform on MarketingPower that includes a robust menu of social media tools and social networking functionalities CONTENTCONNECTIONS GROUPS Upload/download content View recent content Search for content Share content Bookmark content Tag content Rate/comment on content Create a blog Create a profile Search for people Invite a friend Engage in a forum discussion Follow the activity of a friend Join a public/private group Create a group Search for a group Subscribe to group content Connect with group members

23 23 AMA Community: Member Value Member BenefitPhase IPhase II Business community dedicated exclusively to marketers Marketing topic groups and discussion forums Public Community View (mktg news, featured content, personalized welcome) Community access for all AMA members and limited access to non-member mktrs Social networking needs of each member segment Member-created groups based on interestsPrivate/Semi-private groups Group news/announcement Customized community experience for members Join public groups of interestCustomizable My Site (personal view) Targeted advertising Ability to collaborate with like-minded marketers Robust profiles with professional/AMA data fields People search based on multiple filters tied to marketers needs Privacy settings for groups and forums Group membership lists Follow activity streams of group/individual members One-stop shop for marketing content specific to members interests Member-controlled file libraries in groups Featured content display in groups RSS Feed/E-mail subscriptions to group content Content search within groups, entire community and MarketingPower Tagging content/Group-based Tag Clouds Bookmark content User-friendly platform to create marketing-related content Upload text and multimedia content Topic-based wikis Member-created forums Share content with others Member-generated poll questions Networking with AMA chapters Individual chapter groups/forums/file librariesEvent calendar Opportunity to build a personal brand Member-created blogs Cross-posting on multiple blogs Featured contributors Personal avatar Rating/Comments Reward System for community and AMA activities Display of AMA awards/volunteer participation/membership info Integration with personal pages on other social media sites

24 24 Community Planning Action Steps Since the presentation of the AMA Community Platform concept at the June 2009 AMA Board Meeting, a number of key action steps have been completed: Development of Community Task Force An internal AMA Community Task Force was created representing key divisions of the Association. The Task Force is charged with defining business requirements for the Community and addressing key Community policy issues Business Issues Identified A list of critical business decisions and issues associated with development of an AMA Community has been identified. Task Force Planning Meetings The Task Force has been meeting weekly for the past 10 weeks to define business requirements for key elements of the Community platform.

25 25 Community Planning: Work Completed Profiles Identification of personal, professional and AMA profile fields; defined processes for integration with MarketingPower profile, privacy controls and required profile information Policies Determined policies relating to content ownership, sharing of community content and a legal age requirement for community participation Rating/Recognition System Established systems for recognizing active participants (points-based recognition system and five-star rating system to reflect community value of content) Groups (AMA-defined) Identified public community groups (topic-focused, career, Mplanet, AMA-related, peer-to- peer and general interest) and access level of each (public, semi-private, private) Determined common features/functionality for each group (blogs, forums, file libraries, wiki) and appropriate widgets (member list, featured content, activity stream, calendar, etc.)

26 26 Community Planning: Next Steps Define business requirements for Community elements Social media tools (forum, blog, wiki, file library) Community-wide features (search filters, log-in, public community view, ads, online tutorial) Develop Community policies Access (members and partial access for non-members) Terms of Use and Community guidelines Violation reporting/response guidelines Privacy policy Create and implement a communications plan Marketing/promotion plan Engagement of AMA ambassadors Seeding of group file libraries prior to launch Map a Community measurement program Identification of KPIs to measure Development of dashboards Creation of reporting structure

27 27 Implementation Roadmap

28 28 Schedule Process Steps Duration Envisioning1 week Creative4 weeks Customization12 weeks Testing3 weeks Implementation1 week Total21 weeks Once a contract has been signed, the community will take 5 to 6 months to launch

29 29 Investment: Phase 1 and 2 Deliverables Implementation Costs (Year 1) Annual Costs (Year 2-5) CapitalOperating ExpCapitalOperating Exp Product Licensing112,000 Maintenance22,000 Services Development134,000 Travel & Expense26,000 Product Upgrades40,000 MarketingPower Registration Revision80,000 TIMSS Community Revision36,000 Hosting/Hardware Production Servers25,000 Development Servers12,000 Data Storage1,000 Additional Bandwidth6,000 Training6,0002,000 Total$362,000$98,000$40,000$67,000

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