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Yammer Technical Solutions Overview

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1 Yammer Technical Solutions Overview

2 Audience and Requirements
The Yammer Technical Solutions Overview module is an introduction to the Yammer Platform and the technical offerings that can be provided to your customers with Yammer integration.

3 Topics and Learning Objectives
This deck covers the following topics: The Yammer platform The ways you can integrate Yammer with other applications After completing this course, you will be able to: Describe the Yammer Platform Identify the various integrations between Yammer and other technologies

4 The Yammer Platform

5 What is the Yammer Platform?
Yammer’s mission is simple: to transform the way we work together. In a world that’s constantly changing, innovative business and IT leaders need a new way to work together to drive results. That’s why over 200,000 companies, including 85% of the Fortune 500, use Yammer to: Make their business data social. Foster team collaboration. Drive business agility. The Yammer Platform connects users across disparate business applications. Everyone can collaborate through a common conversation layer—no matter what app they use. Collaborate Source: Internal Research 2013

6 Yammer Makes Business Data Social
Yammer helps you pull in activity from across your business applications into a single place where employees can easily discover and collaborate. 1. Ticker See activities taking place in real time Accelerate distribution of information through your network 2. Universal Search Use one search bar to search across Yammer and existing business applications 3. Pages View each object shared on Yammer on its own dedicated page

7 Yammer Increases Collaboration
Team Collaboration: Yammer improves team collaboration, spurs creativity and facilitates decision-making. Improve team alignment. Break down geographical and functional silos. Quickly manage projects and events. Employee Engagement: Yammer unleashes the full productivity of your workforce by giving your employees a voice, as well as the information and tools they need to thrive. Improve access to information and expertise. Increase the effectiveness of company-wide communications. Engage

8 Yammer Improves Business Agility
Business Agility: With Yammer, you can merge cultures and connect employees, crowdsource, collaborate, and accelerate the customer feedback loop when entering new markets. Break down communication barriers. Boost productivity. Connect across cultures and geographies. Social Intranet: Businesses today are investing in a new kind of intranet that is social, easy to use, and can connect employees and systems across the enterprise. Get work done with Yammer as your intranet. Drive productivity by making business applications social. Get the best of both worlds with Yammer and SharePoint.

9 Yammer Integrations

10 What can Yammer Integrate with?
Yammer can easily integrate with: Online or on-premises applications Embeddable plug-ins REST Application Programming Interface (API) OpenGraph-enabled social apps

11 Integrate Yammer With SharePoint
Yammer integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Online and on-premises, allowing you to embed Yammer feeds into SharePoint sites and manage them with built-in web- part controls. Log into Yammer using your SharePoint credentials. Embed lightweight Yammer mini feeds anywhere in SharePoint to help you keep track of relevant discussions and SharePoint activity. Manage, send, and receive Yammer messages and activity directly in SharePoint.

12 Integrating With Microsoft Dynamics
Yammer integrates directly into Microsoft Dynamics Online work areas, enabling real-time collaboration as well as control over conversations and system posts. Aggregate updates from Dynamics into Yammer’s Ticker making it a central hub for business activity. Use Yammer’s Universal Search to find and discover Dynamics records. Administrators can control who may post, and what types of records create posts automatically. Users can control the amount of information they see using the Follow and Unfollow buttons.

13 Integrating Yammer With Salesforce
Yammer uses the Open Graph protocol to integrates with and enable a seamless experience between both applications. Use the Open Graph protocol to help your users engage in meaningful, productive discussion around objects in other applications. Open objects within Salesforce, maintaining security and access control over your objects, even in the Yammer feed. Each object has its own dedicated ticker, displaying updates and conversations about that object.

14 Yammer Embeddable Plug-ins
Yammer’s embeddable plug-ins allow employees to use a single identity and access the same content across all of their business applications. Yammer Connect Login: Add the Login Button to your business apps so that users can log in with their Yammer accounts. Embeddable Feeds: Embed any Yammer feeds in your existing business apps. Like and Follow Buttons: Yammer surfaces more relevant content based on the objects that users Like and Follow. Yammer App Directory: There are many business apps that connect with Yammer, including the ones listed to the right.

15 The Yammer REST API Yammer’s REST API provides a secure HTTP interface that allows you to easily add social services to enterprise applications. The REST API helps you easily post messages or activity updates from any platform due to the basic dependencies. Using the Data Export API, you can archive content from your Yammer network. This can help meet compliance requirements, or facilitate your own custom analysis of Yammer data. Reporting on data such as group memberships can provide useful insight to community managers and for custom reports. Social networks have become increasingly important as a way to sign users into applications. Implementing Sign-On with Yammer using OAuth and REST helps you to improve the user experience of your applications.

16 Yammer and the Enterprise Graph
Yammer uses the Open Graph protocol to connect applications to create the Enterprise Graph: a single mapping of people and objects they encounter at work. The Open Graph protocol provides an efficient framework for understanding data, where an action defines the relationship between a person and an object. With this framework, employees can collaborate on anything within the Enterprise Graph.

17 Ready to Build a Yammer App?
The steps below can help you build an app on the Yammer platform. Visit the Yammer New App Registration page and Register Your App to get the API key. Connect your app to Yammer and authenticate with OAuth 2. Write data into Yammer using Open Graph Display data in your application using a Yammer Embed. </> Now that you’ve built your app, make it ready for inclusion in Yammer’s App Directory and deploy it to a global audience!

18 Learning Review and Additional Resources

19 Learning Review This deck covers the following topics:
The Yammer platform The ways you can integrate Yammer with other applications After completing this course, you will be able to: Describe the Yammer Platform Identify the various integrations between Yammer and other technologies

20 Additional Resources The following resources can provide you with additional information: The Communication Plan on the Yammer Success Center provides an overview of the Yammer Platform. The Administration & Integrations section on the Yammer Success Center has detailed information on each of Yammer’s integrations. The Yammer Developer Network provides detailed documentation on advanced integration topics such as the Yammer REST API and the Open Graph Protocol.

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