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1 State Wildlife Action Plans Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial Brand Niemann July 5, 2008

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1 1 State Wildlife Action Plans Wiki: Business Transformation Tutorial Brand Niemann July 5, 2008

2 22 Pilot Project The State Wildlife Action Plans provide critical information for decision-making and assessing the State of the Nations Ecosystems. The current full text form (PDF and Word) of the Action Plans does not support the needs for improved tagging, structuring, searching, revising, and collaborating with these Plans. This Gov 2.0 web-services platform pilot with a Wiki interface (see slides 3-4) is to help the State Wildlife Action Plans community of practice transform their business processes to address these needs.

3 33 MindTouch Deki Wiki Features Content Creation: –An editing experience similar to what you would expect from modern word processor applications. Content Management: –Hierarchical page organization: Organize content in an intuitive hierarchical manner Search: –Advanced search: User can view all results or only specific subsets of the result set Attachments: –Users can attach any file or image to any page. Versioning and Reversion: –Page versioning: Every page retains a complete history of changes.

4 44 MindTouch Deki Wiki Features Access Control: –Restrict page editing, Restrict page viewing, Restrict hierarchies Alerts and Notifications: –Watch list Feeds: Every user can create a list of pages to watch. Application Administration: –Site administration: Quickly and easily manage multiple users and users' status Miscellaneous: –Adherence to standards: All content is stored in XML.

5 5 Tutorial Overview 1: Decide on Name 2: Register Name 3: Login 4: Set Preferences 5: Control Panel 6: Design Home Page 7: Create Subtopics 8: Repurpose Web Content Into Wiki 9: Attach Files 10: Insert Images and Links 11: Create Web Log (Blog) 12: Set Security 13: Monitor Users 14: Revise/Reorganize

6 6 1: Decide on Name

7 7 2: Register Name

8 8 3: Login

9 9 3: Login

10 10 4: Set Preferences

11 11 4: Set Preferences Private Email

12 12 4: Set Preferences

13 13 5: Control Panel

14 14 5: Control Panel

15 15 5: Control Panel

16 16 6: Design Home Page Background and Purpose

17 17 6: Design Home Page Structure and Interface

18 18 6: Design Home Page

19 19 7: Create Subtopics

20 20 8: Repurpose Web Content Into Wiki

21 21 9: Attach Files

22 22 10: Insert Images and Links

23 23 10: Insert Images and Links

24 24 11: Create Web Log (Blog)

25 25 12: Set Security

26 26 12: Set Security Public: everybody can view and edit. Semi-Public: everybody can view, but only selected users can edit. Private: only selected users can view and edit this page. Note: Deki Wiki has one of the most advanced permission systems available. Deki Wiki administrators can make wikis public or private, anonymous or not. There is user groups support. Users can permission entire hierarchies to create private or non-editable workspaces or permission single pages.

27 27 13: Monitor Users

28 28 14: Revise/Reorganize To soon for this new Wiki, but for another Web 2.0 Wiki Project I did the following quickly: –Moved content from Wiki to another Wiki. –Implemented a set of topics and subtopics. –Created a new user interface. –Updated the Tutorial slides and uploaded them. Note: This shows how agile and flexible the Web 2.0 Wiki environment is to respond to requests that would be more difficult (or impossible) and time consuming with Web 1.0 collaboration technology.

29 29 Suggested Process Select lead for each region and each state within each region. –Create a user login for each to maintain security: Each can work only in their assigned space. Decide on strategy for repurposing each Action Plan into the Wiki: –Convert PDF (Word) directly to the Wiki: May take about a month for the longer plans, but then it is where is can be updated, commented upon, restructured to improve tagging and search, etc. –Re-structure as it is entered into the Wiki: Requires more thought beforehand but would help to standardize the Action Plans across the Nation. –Use query results to enter into the Wiki: Requires special software to index PDFs and do semantic queries that yield results with surrounding context.

30 30 Suggested Process Collaborate across the regions and states using the Wiki on the repurposing and uses of the Action Plans to produce the desired individual and collective results. –Decide what tagging and search questions are most useful. –Decide what structuring and updating methods are most useful to interested stakeholders. –Decide what additional business transformation should be accomplished using Web 2.0/3.0.

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