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“Terms of the Armistice” & Wilson’s Fourteen Points

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1 “Terms of the Armistice” & Wilson’s Fourteen Points
The End of WWI “Terms of the Armistice” & Wilson’s Fourteen Points

2 Signed in Marshall Foch’s private railway car
Armistice - a state of peace agreed between opponents so they can discuss peace terms Signed in Marshall Foch’s private railway car 11a.m. November 11, 1918.

3 Germany was to… 1. Withdraw all German troops behind the Rhine River in France 2. Establish a 6 mile neutral zone between France and Germany 3. Surrender all military equipment and naval fleet

4 Germany was to… 4. Treaty forced on Russia had to be renounced
5. Return all prisoners of war 6. Pay for all damage done during the war

5 Germany accepted the terms for two reasons
A) Allied forces would have completely taken over Germany and continued the war B) Believed that the Armistice terms would be modified or changed to Wilson’s 14 Points

6 Wilson’s Fourteen Points

7 Fourteen Points 1. Nations should engage in open treaties with each other 2. There should be freedom of the seas for all 3. Remove economic trade barriers

8 Fourteen Points 4. Reduction of arms/military to the lowest point needed for national security 5. Colonial policies of imperialist nations should take into consideration the colonial peoples interests 6-13. Dealt with land distribution and country boundaries

9 Fourteen Points 14. Called for an “association of nations” from around the world that can discuss and settle disputes League of Nations

10 Treaty of Versailles “The Big Four”

11 Woodrow Wilson Nation: United States
Goals: World Peace, 14 Points, League of Nations Outcome: Compromised 14 Points to save the League of Nations

12 David Lloyd-George Nation: Great Britain
Goals: “Make Germany Pay for the War” Outcome: Forced Germany to sign war-guilt clause, give up territory and pay war debt to allies

13 Georges Clemenceau Nation: France
Goals: Wanted territory, concerned about the future security of France Outcome: Took back Alsace Lorraine, and took Saar Basin from Germany

14 Vittorio Orlando Nation: Italy Goals: Wanted territory
Outcome: Demands were ignored and went home to Italy

15 Armistice Celebrations in Paris

16 The “Good” that Came Out of WWI
The “BAD” that Came Out of WWI The war made America a WORLD POWER Open Seas & Open Trade for all League of Nations creates peace talks before war Women and African Americans in the U.S. gained more respect Nationalism and pride in countries land and customs Gave many countries around the world independence Death to 10 million soldiers, ? civilians Germany=Weimar Republic Treaty of Versailles was too harsh and paved the way to WWII Weapons of mass destruction were invented Flu Epidemic kills 20 million people Made Russia a Communist Country Appeal of Socialist ideas, particularly outside of Europe Foundations for Islamic terrorism.

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