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The Way We Communicate The Way We Gather Information.

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3 The Way We Communicate


5 The Way We Gather Information



8 O ur lives have changed…have our schools?

9 Before More Change Comes

10 Bloomington New Tech High School Opening Fall 2008

11 21 st Century Skills Critical Thinking Collaboration Problem Solving Personal Responsibility Civitas Presentation skills


13 Project-Based Learning Standards based Teachers as coaches Self-directed learning Inquiry

14 Relationships Small Size Teachers Students Trust & Responsibility

15 Technology Technology is the tool, not the focus. 1:1 Computer ratio Digital portfolios

16 Academics Advisory Biology Health Language Arts History Algebra/Geometry

17 College Credit Senior Internships Service Learning

18 Community Partnerships Indiana University Ivy Tech Business and Community Leaders

19 Extra-Curricular Activities

20 Location, Location, Location Bloomington High School South

21 Student Population

22 How do I become a Student? Apply (Deadline Feb. 1, 2008) Mailed to all 8 th grade students in December Middle School Counseling Offices MCCSC Administration Building Lottery (Feb. 6, 2008)

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