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Creative Mobile Multitasking Collaborative Producers.

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1 Creative Mobile Multitasking Collaborative Producers

2 Millennials Want to Learn... with technology with one another online in their time in their place doing things that matter

3 Every Student Must Be: a critical thinker a problem solver an innovator an effective communicator an effective collaborator a self-directed learner information and media literate globally Aware civically engaged financially and economically literate

4 Why 21 st Century Skills? U.S. students must compete in a new global economy. The U.S. is falling behind. The nature of work is changing. The requirements of the 21 st Century work force are changing. We need to prepare our students to be effective 21 st century citizens.

5 21 st Century Skill Framework

6 Core Subjects English Reading/ Language Arts Mathematics Science Foreign Language Civics/Government Economics Arts History Geography

7 Thinking and Learning Skills Critical thinking and problem solving skills Creativity and innovation skills Communication and information skills Collaborative skills

8 Life Skills Leadership Ethics Accountability Adaptability Personal Productivity Personal Responsibility People Skills Self Direction Social Responsibility

9 21 st Century Content Global awareness Financial, Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship Literacy Civic Literacy Health and Wellness Awareness

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