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Farmwell Station Middle School Class of 2019 Course Selection Presentation.

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1 Farmwell Station Middle School Class of 2019 Course Selection Presentation

2 Mrs. Sherryl Loya, Principal Mr. Rodney Farrar, Assistant Principal Ms. Tonya Edwards, Assistant Principal Mrs. Ann Neri, School Counselor Mrs. Kathleen Pollock, Dean

3 Required Courses in 7 th Grade Language Arts 7 Life Science US History Math: Math 7 Algebra I Health and PE 7 Tech Ed/FACS

4 Electives Foreign Language or Communication Studies Electives shared with Resource: Art 7 Band 7 Chorus 7 Strings 7 Guitar Level 1

5 The Language Arts 7 curriculum consists of five standards: oral language reading/literature writing (usage and mechanics), research vocabulary.

6 The focus is on American history from the reconstruction to the 21 st century. Industrialization the World Wars, and the sweeping social changes of the 1900s will be studied.

7 Life science is the study of the living world and biological systems. Some areas of study include: cellular organization and classification of organisms the dynamic relationships among organisms populations, communities and ecosystems the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation

8 Math 7 Algebra I

9 Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9 CURRENT 6 TH GRADE: Math 6Math 7Algebra IGeometry Math 7Algebra IGeometryAlgebra II or Algebra II w/ Trigonometry In mathematics, the skills required to be successful are more sequential and developmental than in other courses. Therefore, prerequisites are set for placement in middle school math classes based on a students success on standardized tests and class performance.

10 a semester class that allows students to become technologically literate goes beyond basic computer systems and ideas Learning modules allow students to interact with robots, lasers, machines controlled by computers, and other high-tech equipment.

11 a semester exploratory program, which provides a hands-on approach to the development of skills critical to everyday life. Activities prepare students for taking on responsibilities at home and in their lives. Students explore practical skills related to nutrition, laundry techniques, consumerism, personal grooming, money management, food preparation, career interests, environmental issues, and many more.

12 A full year course that introduces students to the basic principles of human communication, including interpersonal and small group, intercultural, and mediated (mass or electronic) communication and public speaking. Emphasis will be on developing critical thinking skills and helping students develop their media literacy. This course is project based; students will exhibit their learning through activities in publication (newspaper, yearbook, literacy magazine), broadcast, (radio, television, film) and/or public speaking (debate, drama).

13 French I Spanish I German I Latin I Students develop basic communication skills in the four areas of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The courses are high school credit courses which means that the final grade will go on the students high school transcript. It will affect their GPA!

14 Students should have: B+ average or better in Language Arts and should also be achieving above average scores in their other academic courses. should score in the advanced proficient range on their Reading/Writing SOL. should be highly motivated to learn and highly developed study skills Expect additional study time outside of school. classes taught as high school credit courses. Mid-term exam and final exam that accounts for 20% of their semester grade. Semester grades are then averaged together to determine final grade. courses are going to be a blend of 7 th grade and 8 th grade students. No option of dropping courses if grades fall below average.

15 Foreign Language Important Notes: (1) For an Advanced Studies Diploma, students must successfully complete three years of one language or two years each of two different languages. (2) Some colleges may require more than the minimum number of foreign language credits currently needed for the Advanced Studies Diploma. (3) Colleges are looking for students to continue foreign language through their senior year.

16 Teacher recommendations are based on grades, test scores and teacher observations. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate setting for your student. Please consider any changes carefully. Sign and return the form to your childs counselor. The Math Course listed is based on current level and progress. In addition to the courses listed, your child will also be taking Health and PE and electives. Please refer to the Program of Studies for more information. Course Requested Change English ____________________________ History ____________________________ Science _____________________________ Electives: Your child may also select two elective courses in 7 th grade. DROP ADD ________________________________________________ _____________________ __________________________ RETURN FORM SIGNED TO YOUR COUNSELOR. _______________________________________________________________________ Parent signature date

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