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Week 5 Monday February 11th.

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1 Week 5 Monday February 11th

2 English 10: Do Now First, staple Do Nows from last week (Feb 4th-Feb 8th). You should have 3. Turn in Do Nows to US Mail basket. If you do this before I read these instructions, you’ll get dipped. In a few sentences: Why do you think I had you working on paragraph structure while you were thinking about your reasons and evidence? What connection could the worksheets have with the essay you will be writing?

3 English 10 Monday agenda Review parts of the worksheets from Thurs/Friday Finish organizing our ideas HW: Must have main reasons and evidence outlined for tomorrow Tomorrow and Wednesday we will work on developing Introductions and Conclusions

4 Am Lit Do Now: Turn in “Death of a Hired Man” questions to US Mail Turn in any Do Nows you still have Write out one physical trait, one personality trait, and one example of imagery about J. Alfred Prufrock

5 Am Lit HW 2-11 Finish Prufrock packet
Come in with several examples of images, personal traits, personality traits (citations: line numbers)

6 English 10 Do Now List sentences by number in the following order: topic sentence, supporting sentences, clincher (aka conclusion sentence). Finally, he loves it when I pretend like I’m falling dead, and he runs over to lick me. One reason he’s fun is because he loves to play catch. All these reasons show why I really have fun playing with Romeo. What’s also fun is that he follows me around the house with a toy and drops it on my foot, so I will kick it. Additionally, he can catch just about anything, but his favorite thing to catch is a Frisbee. My Dog Romeo is so much fun to play with.

7 Am Lit Do Now 2-12 Copy down the requirements for your Prufrock Profile (can be a facebook, myspace, or dating website profile) BE CREATIVE! Must incorporate at least 3 quotes. Must have at least 2 examples of imagery Must have at least one physical description or physical drawing of him Must have at least one example of his personality

8 English 10 Do Now: Write a topic sentence for one of your body paragraphs. A topic sentence should connect your reason to your thesis. A topic sentence should also have a TRANSITION word or phrase. Here is a sentence frame you could use: First of all, [insert stance on topic] because [insert main reason] Example: First of all, students should be paid for good grades because it creates motivation.

9 Am Lit: Do Now In a paragraph, what do you know about the “Roaring Twenties” aka the 1920s? Do you know what happens at the end of the 1920s? Do you know what happens in the 1930s? Write out any information you know about the turn of the 20th century.

10 Today we are going to turn out our graphic organizers into body paragraphs. To do that we will need to make topic sentences.

11 English 10 Do Now: 2-14-13 Read the following introduction paragraph:
"A dog is man's best friend." That common saying may contain some truth, but dogs are not the only animal friend whose companionship people enjoy. For many people, a cat is their best friend. Despite what dog lovers may believe, cats make excellent house pets.” Write out the “hook” sentence and the thesis.

12 Am Lit: Do Now 2-14-13 What is the American Dream?
When done with Do Now, turn in Prufrock Profile Poster, Prufrock Packet. Have on desk next to Do Now your Internet Scavenger Hunt: 1920s worksheet

13 English 10 Turn in Perfect Paragraph Packet into one basket
Turn in Introduction Hooks worksheet (from yesterday) in the US MAIL BASKET

14 English 10 Do Now: This conclusion restates the thesis: Can you find the stance and the three main reasons? Write them out “Cats are low maintenance, civilized companions. People who have small living quarters or less time for pet care should appreciate these characteristics of cats. However, many people who have plenty of space and time still opt to have a cat because they love the cat personality. In many ways, cats are the ideal house pet”

15 Am Lit: Do Now What do you know about narrative structure? For example, what are the parts of plot? What do you expect when you start reading the story?

16 Am Lit 7th: Do Now Use your vocab sheet to check your answer.

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