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English 10: Week Two.

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1 English 10: Week Two

2 Eng 10: Do Now 8/14/13 FIRST: Collect all your Do Nows from Week One. Staple them together if more than one paper. Make sure name, dates and period are on each page and turn them into the US Mail Box Do Now: Make a check list of the things that need to be completed by tomorrow Thursday. Here is a sample checklist: ____ Reflective Essay graphic organizer filled out ____ draft typed ____ Sent to Wysocki’s gmail account ____ Edmodo joined joined and three assignments completed.

3 Eng 10 Do Now Using the example handout: Introduction Paragraph:
Underline the “Attention Gainer” aka “The Hook” Circle the “thesis” (big goal plus smart goals in one sentence) On the back side, write out what you would call (or what you think is going on in the sentences between what you underlined and what you circled. Body Paragraph: Underline the “Topic Sentence” (should be first sent. w/ smart goal) Circle the transition sentence, phrase, or word(s) used.

4 English 10: DO NOW 8/16/13 1. Reflect on your first two weeks of English 10 in one paragraph: How focused have you been in class? What have you done that you are proud of? Have you noticed anything you want to improve (like behavior, focus, work ethic). 2.When done, turn in your Reflective Essay Graphic Organizer (if you are done with it) to US Mail Box You will turn in your three Week 2 Do Nows on Monday with your essay

5 English 10 Do Now Look at the 6 conclusion student examples and respond: 1. Which, if any, mention all the main points and the big goal? (aka the thesis statement= thesis + main points) 2. Which, if any, seem to circle back to the quote they used in the introduction? 3. Which, if any, seem “underdeveloped”? (Need to write more) 4. What grammar mistakes do you notice? 5. Which example do you think is the best conclusion? Why?

6 English 10: Today is a reward for students who are up-to-date with all their work. For the rest, it is one last chance to start off the year strong by getting this major assignment done. Today, you are graded on how productively you can use this time. You know what is due on Monday. Show me what you think a professional student looks like when given a chance in class to catch up/do work. Solo work unless meeting with your peer reviewer

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