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BOS Supplier Mangement

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1 BOS Supplier Mangement
4M Change Training BOS Supplier Mangement 

2 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
4M = 1.Man, 2.Machine / Mold /Jig 3.Material, 4.Method – consideration to all Change can be good, but change can also create risk. Therefore we must manage the process together. Changes which must be reported to BOS in advance of change:- Relocation / move within current or other site. Change or modification of tooling and equipment Control process (detailed in the control plan) Manufacturing process Material, product or supply chain Changes / repairs to maintain the performance (e.g. TPM) of equipment, tooling and facilities must be controlled and verified by the supplier but need not the involvement of BOS. Also replacement extrusion dies and changes in personnel need to be controlled but not reported. However should an error be detected which may have inadvertently affected quality and been potential shipped BOS supplier Quality must be contacted.

3 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 Change data (TierN→Tier1) Study risk Confirmation Awareness Report result Visual management inc. production Man Material Machine Method Check change & record Quick design review STEP 6 Change management is not just a topic for your engineering department. You need consider all persons involved including those on the production line / in the process. We need you to ensure that all members are aware of the change (5W & 1H) and are involved in the control of the change. Problem resolution

4 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
Statement from BOS supplier 2B  Sub-Supplier Management in Launch Suppliers of BOS shall have the capabilities to manage their respective suppliers including APQP disciplines and periodic auditing. BOS, when it deems necessary, will audit the critical processes of the sub-tier suppliers to assure that proper controls are in place throughout the entire supply chain. Suppliers of BOS shall ensure critical processes such as heat treating and plating are audited and managed and, when directed, use the BOS documentation. Sub-suppliers have a tremendous impact on the quality of the final component.  Whether they provide raw materials, services or sub-components their influence is so profound that it is critical for each of BOS’s suppliers to have a supplier management system in place. This system shall track and report on their supply base quality and delivery performance. Supplier shall be able to demonstrate that they manage their suppliers’ issues through documented corrective actions and verification activities.

5 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
Statement from BOS supplier 2C.2.  Supplier Request for Change Supplier must propose / request any changes by using the Request for Deviation form and must request approval in writing from Purchasing and all BOS receiving facilities. This form shall be used in the following situations:      1.    Changes in production process insofar as the product characteristics are affected     2.    When production is to be restarted after 12 months production stop     3.    Sub-supplier change     4.    Change in purchased component function fit or performance     5.    Utilisation of new, modified or replacement tools (after verbal confirmation from Purchasing)     6.    Change in production location The process to be followed must adhere to these criteria:      1.    EU Purchasing and the receiving facilities must approve the changes in advance.     2.    Samples may be required for review and to evaluate potential impact on BOS’s manufacturing processes.     3.    Submission for PPAP approval is mandatory prior to the shipment of the “new” parts (or from new location) unless specifically waived by the engineering unit.     4.    After BOS written approval, the first delivery with “new” parts with suitable Identification can take place.     5.    Any tool / equipment move plan must include definition of the required stock bank and contingency to ensure BOS’s Production and Service requirements are not affected.

6 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
Change Control Management Supplier guideline Processes 2B  Sub-Supplier Management in Launch 2B  Engineering Change 2B  Manufacturing Change 2C.2.  Supplier Request for Change

7 4M change management - Introduction of BOS 4M change procedure
Study risk of change as strongly as the risk for not changing Where possible trial change before any permanent change Always implement additional controls to ensure potential defects from the change are detected. Verify in-house all changes using suitable sample size – not just first few pieces, check for variation! Provide new initial sampling covering all points of change – BOS approval before shipping Always advise customer. Follow customer process – if in doubt ask! Always state clearly if the change cannot be reversed without time delay (additional risk) All changes must be recorded and part history updated Information about the change must be visible to all not just Management and Technical Display the changes on a notice board at the point of change – check daily Clearly mark new / changed parts shipped to BOS (use Blue coloured label)

8 Reoccurrence prevention through lessons learned
Overall target Secure management of change Increase efficiency (RFT) Avoid mis-understanding and mistakes Product and Process Approval

9 Thank you for your co-operation!

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