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Project Execution.

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1 Project Execution

2 Project Execution The phase of a project in which work towards direct achievement of the project’s objectives and the production of the project’s deliverables occurs – the execution of the project plan

3 A Component of PMBOK’s Project Integration Management
Develop project charter Develop preliminary project scope statement Develop project management plan Direct and manage project execution Monitor and control project work Integrated change control Close project

4 Project Execution Processes
Direct and manage project execution Perform quality assurance Acquire project team Develop project team Information distribution Request seller responses Select sellers

5 Direct And Manage Project Execution
Managing the technical and organizational processes and interfaces that are necessary for completing the project work specified in the project management plan

6 Perform Quality Assurance
Evaluating project progress on a regular basis in order to determine if the project will satisfy established quality standards (Project Quality Management)

7 Acquire and Develop Project Team
Acquisition of team members Strategies/actions to improve individual and group competencies and interactions (Human Resource Management)

8 Information Distribution
Providing stakeholders appropriate information on a timely basis

9 Request Seller Responses and Select Sellers
Submission of proposals by vendors for specified project plan activities Evaluation and selection of vendor bids (Project Procurement)

10 Project Plan Execution – Inputs
Project management plan Approved corrective actions Approved preventive actions Approved change requests Approved defect repair Validated defect repair Administrative closure procedure

11 Project Plan Execution - Inputs (cont.)
Approved corrective actions Authorized actions to bring the project performance back in line with the project plan Approved preventive actions Authorized actions to minimize the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks Approved change requests Documented and authorized changes to project scope

12 Project Plan Execution – Inputs (cont.)
Approved defect repair Authorized actions to correct defects found during audits Validated defect repair Notification of either approved or denied repair actions Administrative closure procedure Procedures to officially close the project

13 Project Plan Execution – Tools & Techniques
Project management methodology Specific procedures and processes to be used in executing the project management plan Project management information system Any tools that assist the project team to perform the specified work in the project plan

14 Project Plan Execution – Outputs
Deliverables Requested changes Implemented change requests Implemented corrective actions Implemented preventive actions Implemented defect repair Work performance information

15 Project Plan Execution – Outputs (cont.)
Deliverables Projects and/or services specified in the project plan necessary to make or provide in order for the project to be completed Requested changes Approved change requests that are implemented to reflect modifications to the project plan Implemented change requests Successfully implemented change requests Implemented corrective actions Successfully implemented corrective actions

16 Project Plan Execution – Outputs (cont.)
Implemented preventive actions Successfully implemented preventive actions Implemented defect repair Successfully implemented defect repairs Work performance information Information that reflects the current status of project plan activities

17 Project Manager’s Simultaneous Monitoring & Managing Actions
Allocating and distributing work to team members at the right time while also managing task dependencies Updating progress of each task Determining consequences and predicting their effects on future tasks and milestones Managing Managing changing team membership Managing role of third parties, like vendors and suppliers Enforcing ownership of tasks

18 Project Execution Activities
Hold kickoff meeting Establish and manage channels of communication Manage procurement activities

19 Potential Execution Problems
Lack of good data on activity progress Inadequate definition of requirements Frequent and uncontrolled changes to the baseline requirements Poor time and cost estimates Difficulties in concluding the project because of a lack of completion criteria Frequent replacement of developmental personnel Inadequate tracking and directing of project activities

20 Common Project Problems

21 Managing Change Project changes Team changes
Change request processes must be in place Not all accepted Accepted changes can affect schedule/ budget and deliverable Team changes Project members will come and go Plan for member turnover

22 Communication and Documentation
Meetings Topics drift; lack of contribution by member; attitude of “let me get back to my real work”; or are they organized, focused, well-executed? Written reports Scheduled, accurate, up-to-date information Project management information systems Provides current project status information Electronic communication Flexible, virtual Web-based solutions Increase accessibility and related information Documentation Provides a record of event for review, audit or lessons learned

23 Questions?

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