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By Mr. Redaelli

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1 By Mr. Redaelli
Gustar – To Like By Mr. Redaelli

2 What does ‘Gustar” mean?
In Spanish, there is no exact equivalent to the English verb ‘to like’ The nearest in both meaning and, most importantly, in how it is used, is the verb gustar ‘Gustar‘, which literally translated into English is ‘to please’ The verb gustar is commonly used in Spanish to express likes and dislikes.

3 Gustar – Present Tense Me gusta - I like (singular)
Me gustan – I like (plural) Te gusta - You like (singular) Te gustan - You like (plural) Le gusta - He, she, you formal like (singular) Le gustan - He, she, you formal like (plural) Nos gusta - We like (singular) Nos gustan - We like (plural) Les gusta – They, you all like (singular) Les gustan - They like, you all like (plural)

4 Examples Me gusta el carro (I like the car)
Me gustan los carros (I like the cars) Nos gusta el libro (we like the book) Nos gustan los libros (we like the books) Le gusta el plato (He/she likes the plate) Le gustan los platos (He/she likes the plates)

5 Rules to using Gustar – Rule #1
Gustar is used to communicate likes and dislikes. If you put the word no before each phrase it changes to expressing a dislike. Look at the following examples:   Me gusta la clase de ciencias.  I like science class.   No me gusta la clase de ciencias.  I don’t like science class. (plural) Te gustan las clases de matemáticas.  You like math classes. (plural) No te gustan las clases de matemáticas. You don’t like math class.

6 Rules to using Gustar – Rule #2
To form a simple question about someone’s like or dislike, just add question marks to te gusta. Look at the following examples: ¿Me gusta la maestra de español? Do I like the Spanish teacher? (plural) ¿Te gustan los maestros? Do you like the teachers? ¿No nos gusta la clase de español? We don’t like Spanish class?

7 Rules to using Gustar – Rule #3
Respond to a te gusta(n) question with sí or no and then me gusta(n) depending on your preference. ¿Te gusta la clase de arte? Sí, me gusta la clase de arte. Yes, I like art class. No, no me gusta la clase de arte No, I don’t like art class. ¿Les gustan los libros de historia? Sí, nos gustan los libros de historia. Yes, we like history books. No, no nos gustan los libros de historia. No, we do not like history books. 

8 Rules to using Gustar – Rule #4
Gusta changes to gustan when followed by a plural or compound noun. Me gustan el chocolate y el caramelo. I like chocolate and caramel Nos gustan los lapiceros verdes We like green pens Le gustan la mochila y el borrador He/she likes the backpack and the eraser Te gustan las papas fritas You like French fries

9 So ….. Remember You use “gusta” when you “like” one thing only, therefore you use the singular form You use “gustan” when you like two or more things (boats, cars, or a boat and a car) Make sure and learn me, te, le, nos, and les. Remember we learned those last week - Indirect object Pronouns! All you have to learn this week is when to use gusta and when to use gustan Make sure and understand the difference between “like” and “love”. In Spanish, you do not “love” your iPod or Taco Bell – You just “like them”. You love or like your family, God, maybe your pet, but you only “like” (gusta) objects and animals in general Learn and understand the four rules given in this PowerPoint/Video

10 Your Assignment: Answer the ten questions submitted in the OnlineTaco website under your class outline for the week. Copy and Paste to Google Docs and put in Collection – Write your name at the very top left hand corner - Name it: Gustar Add Five sets of sentences (not short sentences) of your own using both singular and plural, and a “dislike” sentence. Use different forms (te, te, le, nos, les). All together, you will add fifteen sentences Use vocabulary from previous lessons Translate the sentences you wrote Example (one set): Me gusta el perro negro y blanco - I like the black and white dog Me gustan los perros negros y blancos – I like the black and white dogs No me gustan los perros negros y blancos – I do not like black and white dogs This is due by Friday Test due next Tuesday

11 Me gusta – No me gusta

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