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1 Flowers

2 The flower is the reproductive structure of higher plants.

3 Floral Structure

4 Most flowers have 4 basic parts.
petals pistil stamen sepals

5 Some floral structures are nonessential; they are not required for reproduction.
petals colorful, protect reproductive structures, attract pollinators sepals leaf-like structures which protect the flower before blooming

6 Some floral structures are essential for reproduction to occur.
stamens male organs, produce sperm in pollen grains pistil female organ, produces egg(s)

7 Stamens ( ) are made of 2 parts.
anther produces pollen filament

8 Pistils ( ) are made of 3 parts.
stigma style ovary produces egg(s)

9 Inside every pollen grain are two sperm cells.

10 Identify the structures in this flower.
petal stigma pistil style anther stamen filament Where is the ovary? Where are the sepals?

11 Reproduction

12 When pollen lands on the stigma, this process is called pollination.
A pollen tube grows from the pollen grain and the sperm migrate to the egg. The first sperm fertilizes the egg. The egg and sperm unite in a process called fertilization.

13 There are 2 types of pollination.
When pollen lands on a stigma of the same flower, this is self-pollination.

14 When pollen lands on a stigma of another flower, this is cross-pollination.

15 Agents of pollination include insects, birds, and wind.

16 The egg and sperm unite in a process called fertilization.
The two cells (egg and sperm) become one new cell called a zygote. The zygote begins to grow and develops into a seed. zygote

17 As the seed develops, the ovary grows into a fruit.
This means that anything you eat with a seed(s) is a ripened ovary.

18 Examples of ripened ovaries.

19 Which of these are fruits (ripened ovaries)?
Hint: If it has a seed, it’s a fruit.

20 Flower Adaptations

21 Some flowers have guide lines to help pollinators find their way inside.

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