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Anatomy of a Flower Plant Sex.

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1 Anatomy of a Flower Plant Sex

2 C B

3 A -Petals Colored leaves Attract insects “bud” when closed

4 B Filament Stalk supporting the anther C B

5 C Anther Top end of stamen Produces the pollen

6 draw in Stamen -Contains the filament + anther
-Male reproductive structures

7 D - pollen Male sex cells

8 E- Ovary Contains ovules Becomes the fruit after fertilization
Zucchinni –ripened ovary

9 Fruit = mature ovary

10 F Style Style holds the pollen tube Between stigma and ovary

11 Draw in Carpel (also called pistil) -Contains: stigma + style +ovary
-Female reproductive structures

12 #9 G Stigma Top of pistil Sticky to catch the pollen

13 H = Ovules -Egg cells -Become seeds, fruit, nuts after fertilization

14 Flower Dissection

15 I = Pollen Tube Tube that transports the pollen to the ovules
Pollen Tube in Plants Pollen tube you tube

16 ADD J = SEPAL green petal-like parts at the base of the flower
help protect the developing bud J

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