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Structures of a Flowering Plant

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1 Structures of a Flowering Plant
Flowers & Seeds

2 3 fast things about flowers
Link 3 fast things about flowers

3 Essential Question ? What are the basic functions of the structures of a flowering plant?

4 Flowers Flowers produce seeds They contain both male & female parts
Petals are often colorful or have a scent to attract insects and other animals Insects & animals help the plant to pollinate (spread pollen)

5 Which flower is more likely to reproduce? Why?
The yellow flower is more colorful so it may attract more insects to pollinate it.

6 Parts of a flower Stamen – Male Part of Flower
Anther produces pollen that contains sperm cells Filament is the stalk that holds up the anther Pistil – Female Part of Flower Stigma, which is the sticky top where pollen grains land Style is the stalk down which the pollen tube grows after pollination has taken place Ovary holds the ovules where the egg cells are produced

7 Flower Parts

8 What part of the flower is Mrs. Frizzle on?

9 Help Ms. Frizzle. What’s the name of the part she’s talking about?

10 In what part of the flower did Arnold fall down?

11 Where did the kids land?

12 Seeds The ovule contains the fertilized egg (embryo) which turns into a seed. A fruit is formed from the ovary which protects the seeds Seeds have special structures that allow them to be dispersed (spread) by wind, water or animals

13 Bean Dissection

14 Flower Dissection

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