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Los verbos regulares en el presente

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1 Los verbos regulares en el presente
Bailar, comer, vivir

2 What is a verb? Action of the sentence

3 What is an infinitive? A verb that is not conjugated
In Spanish it ends in: -ar -er -ir

4 What’s a regular verb in Spanish?
A verb that follows the regular pattern in order to be conjugated. That means??? Drop the end (-ar, -er or –ir) Add on the appropriate ending

5 What are the endings for regular verbs?
Regular –AR Verb: Example: Hablar = to talk; to speak yo hablo nosotros hablamos tú hablas él, ellos, Ella, habla ellas, hablan Ud. Uds.

6 Any more? YES! Regular –ER Verbs: Example: comer = to eat
yo como nosotros comemos tú comes él, ellos, Ella, come ellas, comen Ud. Uds.

7 So, what do I need to remember?
Your endings and how to conjugate the verb

8 The endings are… -AR -ER -IR o as es a e amos emos imos an en

9 So… Make sure you STUDY!!!

10 One more group! Regular –IR Verbs Example: vivir = to live
yo vivo nosotros vivimos tú vives él, ellos, Ella, vive ellas, viven Ud. Uds.

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