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RedHorse CRM tm A powerful and scalable business manager Not just CRM! 888.831.9012.

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1 RedHorse CRM tm A powerful and scalable business manager Not just CRM! 888.831.9012

2 Why RedHorse CRM tm ? Like you, we were frustrated with the many holes in existing CRM solutions. When it came to CRM, it seemed that no one was listening to what customers and end users really wanted. So we asked thousands of dealers and end-users to tell us. Then we did something revolutionary. We actually listened to what you really wanted, and we built it: RedHorse CRM tm !

3 Familiar Contact Window

4 Account Layer Roll-up information from linked contacts

5 Unlimited phone numbers

6 Sophisticated Screen Design Many Data Types Available

7 Configurable Data Grids With Filtering Grouping

8 Calendar

9 MS SQL Reports

10 Merge Documents with Word Merge From: Contacts Business Modules Line Items

11 Complete Quoting Package Product catalog Commissions Pricing & Discounts Inventory if using QuickBooks

12 QuickBooks Integration Push quotes and bills to QuickBooks Import and export contacts and vendors View Inventory View QuickBooks customer details and history from within RedHorse CRM

13 Customer Service Tickets Group Ticket Scheduling Ticket Escalation Integrated billing

14 Project Management Fixed bid Time & materials Push to QuickBooks as an estimate for job costing Integrated billing Powerful built-in management review tools Task-based time tracking

15 Contract Management Limited term contracts Recurring contracts (Evergreen) Integrated billing Task-based time tracking

16 Campaign Management Lead to sale tracking Line item ROI

17 Email Center POP interface FAST! Supports most security and compliance protocols Flexible Email filing Powerful Email searching and reporting Link emails to multiple people and to business modules

18 Workflow Stage based firing Trigger events in real-time No scanning necessary

19 Details SQL based queries and groups Alarms Surveys Dashboard Global viewer Do not call management on record, phone, and email

20 Comprehensive System Admin Highly granular security Flexible roles and user rights configuration Customizable terms Controllable visibility and access Programmable system defaults for easy data entry

21 RedHorse CRM tm Retail Pricing Free 30 day trial – one seat with full functionality RedHorse CRM tm – Express Edition Powerful and scalable CRM $395 per seat RedHorse CRM tm – Standard Edition CRM plus business management with tickets, quotes, projects or accounting links $595 per seat RedHorse RE tm – Real Estate Vertical $795 per seat

22 RedHorse CRM tm Contact RedHorse Systems, Inc. for a dealer referral Today! 888.831.9012

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